Does Your Facility Have Enough Recycling Bins?

Recycling has changed through the last decade from a good idea for a company’s image to, oftentimes and in many places, a legal obligation. Facilities now, in addition to paper, cardboard and aluminum, routinely collect and recycle electronic waste, fluorescent lamps, and batteries.

But are you doing it in the most effective way? Let’s explore some problems and solutions to recycling woes.

Location, Location, Location!

In an office, the best place to start recycling is right at the desk. Encourage people to sort paper into appropriate bins, which then can be emptied regularly. Workers can place inkjet cartridges in envelopes provided to every office and drop them in the mail. The processor of the cartridges then refunds a check to the organization.

Managers should locate recycling containers as close as possible to the source of the product to be recycled. If the location is right, it is much easier to sell recycling than if containers are located at a distant location. Do not expect people to walk long distances to recycle. If you do, then expect disappointment, as they are likely to drop the item to be recycled into the nearest trash container.

Measure and Share Your Results

Even if you’ve had a waste management strategy implemented for a while, it’s important to relaunch and remind people where the bins are and what can be recycled. Then ensure you maintain communication through monthly meetings or reports to keep a waste strategy top priority.

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