Five Hacks for Commercial Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is often neglected at commercial facilities, despite its many benefits for both tenant and customer. Clean windows allow for a more beautiful view inside and outside of your facility. They also create a new and clean appearance for visitors and show pride in the maintenance of your building. Plus, window cleaning is typically easy to maintain on the first floor of any building, where it is most likely to be noticed. 


If you want your windows and glass doors to look better at your facility or office space, follow these five tips: 


DIY cleaners

Toothpaste, baking soda, and vinegar solutions all work well for tough stains on your windows. They can also be used for multi-purpose cleaning, which is ideal for a large facility where specific cleaning supplies can become both costly and difficult to store. 


Cleaning on an overcast day

The heat of the sun can make window and glass cleaners dry too quickly, which can result in unsightly streaking. If you are wiping windows and glass doors, choose an overcast day so you don’t develop streaks while trying to clean tough spots. 


Wipe down once a week 

Many businesses go weeks or months without cleaning their windows. This leads to mold and dirt buildup that can be a pain to remove. Instead, wipe down both the inside and outside of windows once a week with a simple glass cleaner to keep them looking great. This can improve the view and aesthetic appeal of your building and prevent expensive deep cleans later down the line. 


Microfiber cloths for cleaning

Many people use paper towels or regular cleaning rags for windows, but a microfiber cloth is best for reducing scratches and cleaning windows thoroughly. Never use a hard scraper for stuck-on dirt, no matter how difficult the stain may be. If necessary, let the cleaning solution sit for several minutes before scrubbing rather than using abrasive surfaces. 


Rinse with clean water 

If you notice streaks in your windows after you’ve wiped them, you can simply wet your cloth with water to remove the residue. This won’t leave additional streaks on the window because the water will quickly evaporate. This can also protect your window from years of cleaning solution buildup. 


MaintenX offers professional window and exterior cleaning for harder-to-reach windows and tough build-up. If you have questions or would like to schedule a professional cleaning service, give us a call today!

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