Five Ways Your Facility Is Wasting Water

Water waste in commercial programs is a big deal. Not only are you wasting your own money, but your facility is unnecessarily contributing to environmental damage due to wastewater and overconsumption of energy. While some wastewater is difficult to avoid, other sources can be easily eliminated with a few maintenance upgrades to your system. 


If you want to improve the water efficiency of your facility, look into these # contributors of waste:


You aren’t addressing leaky pipes

Pipes that are leaking are the definition of water waste. This may not seem like a big contributor, but you could be wasting several gallons of water each week by not fixing your leaky pipes. 


You haven’t invested in low-flow faucets and other smart appliances

Conventional toilets, faucets, dishwashers, and other appliances often use way more water than is necessary for the 21st century. By installing low-flow appliances and energy-efficient systems, you can dramatically decrease both energy and water usage within your facility. 


Your employees are overusing water

Do your employees leave the sink running while washing out dishes and coffee cups from the office kitchen? Do they use the onsite shower daily, or flush things that should be thrown away? While you don’t want to be a stickler for water usage, it’s important to add gentle reminders not to waste water as part of your company’s environmental mission. 


Your commercial kitchen is running the dishwasher too often

Do you always run the dishwasher when there’s a full load? Or do you run it whenever you have time? By underfilling your dishwasher you’re wasting water that is adding up at the end of the month. 


You’re overwatering your landscaping

Commercial landscaping is important for maintaining the appearance of your facility as a whole, but you can go overboard by running your sprinklers all day instead of only when it’s needed. Be sure to turn off sprinklers when rain is expected, and only run them once a day to preserve water usage. 

Minor adjustments over time can lead to great savings for your company and your local environment. To learn more about other simple-to-do environmental programs for your facility, visit the MaintenX resource center.

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