Four DIY Maintenance Hacks You Can Use At Your Facility

At MaintenX, a job well done is our top priority. We always encourage clients to use professional help when they need it, and to schedule preventative repairs so they can avoid emergencies. However, there are times when a quick time- or money-saving maintenance hack can get you back up and running in a pinch. 


Below are some simple DIY tips and tricks you can use to perform maintenance at your facility. These don’t pose a risk to your equipment, and can make you more effective in performing daily tasks for your business: 


Know where your water shut-off valve is. 

This important knowledge can save you hundreds of dollars in repairs when a plumbing leak or overflow happens. Water overflow can not only cause shutdowns at your facility, but will cost you in flooring repairs and plumbing damages. When the flood starts to come, know where your shutoff valve is to save your facility. 


Unclog your own pipes. 

Commercial drain cleaners are effective, but they are incredibly corrosive for your plumbing. Instead of using those, try a DIY solution of boiling water followed by baking soda to break down the blockage safely. If this doesn’t completely clear the clog, you can use a snake until your next hydro-jetting service. 


Air seal your facility. 

Typically, you don’t want to perform DIY repairs on your HVAC system because of the complexity and vital role this system plays in your operations. However, you can make your HVAC’s job easier by sealing any places where air escapes from your facility on a regular basis – windows, doors, and cracks in the drywall. 


Switch to LEDs.

LED lights are unfortunately not as popular as incandescent bulbs in office spaces, but they are far more cost-effective when looking at long-term use. An incandescent bulb costs around $3 as compared to a $6-8 LED bulb. However, the cheaper incandescent bulb will only last about 1,000 hours, as compared to the LED which can last 25,000 hours or more. This easy electrical hack can save you money throughout your facility that will add up over the years. 


Maintenance tips like these can make your life and your technicians’ jobs much easier. To learn more tips and tricks from the MaintenX world, visit our Resource Center.

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