Four Maintenance Strategies That Are Essential For Retail

Maintenance for retail businesses are some of the most complex programs we run at MaintenX. With many retail outlets, the stores are open late or 24/7, which makes routine maintenance a necessity. If anything goes wrong during operating hours, thousands of dollars can be lost in an afternoon. That is why we strive to perform exceptional preventative maintenance to keep your retail business open for business.


If you own or manage a retail facility, you know how tricky it can be to create the ideal customer experience. We suggest prioritizing these four areas of your preventative maintenance plan to ensure you maximize facility performance:



Most retail businesses have powerful fluorescent lighting that is on most, if not all of the day. This requires an incredible amount of energy which not only increases your power bill, but can increase the likelihood of electrical problems if not well maintained. By investing in regular electrical inspections and upgrading to energy-efficient lighting, among other preventative measures, you can keep the lights on for a lower price.


Climate Control

Your HVAC system may be the most important system within a retail facility. Customers will not enjoy the experience if it is even slightly too hot or too cold inside the building, and they will certainly not stay if there is no climate control at all. Your HVAC system is also responsible for the indoor air quality of your facility which affects facility staff health and the overall retail experience. Invest in preventative care so you never have to worry about closing early due to issues with climate control. 



A retail center with a dirty or damaged floor shows a lack of quality in the overall business and will keep customers away if the problem persists. We recommend regular deep cleaning in the after-hours, as well as preventative care such as waxing to reduce issues with scratching and other exterior damage.


Exterior Maintenance

Landscaping, hardscape maintenance, and roof maintenance go a long way toward presenting the right image to new customers. When you invest in the maintenance of your exterior building, you are investing in customers’ first impression of your company. Routine services including roof cleaning, landscaping, outdoor HVAC cleaning, and others will make your facility run more efficiently and present a beautiful image to the world. 


If you own or manage a retail facility, contact MaintenX to learn more about our preventative maintenance strategies! We are happy to create a preventative maintenance plan that will increase maintenance efficiency and keep you in business for years to come. 

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