Guidelines for Facilities Service Requests

Guidelines for Facilities Service Requests

Facility Maintenance service requests generally relate to repair and maintenance of structures and their installed utilities. This can involve repairs to roads, drainage systems, elevators, and exteriors. They’re different for every company and organization, but we will explore the basics of Facility Service Requests.

Routine Maintenance

Routine Maintenance service requests can be entered online, or by calling an agent at 301-435-8000. This covers any requests for utility repair or maintenance, including:

– Housekeeping

– Plumbing

– Ventilation

– Lighting

– Electrical Repairs

Outside Help

From time to time, a service request is outside the scope of Facility Maintenance. For these cases, the Maintenance Department should consult with the requester and arrange for a capable body to execute the task.

Facility Service Request Basics

Non-maintenance work is usually handled internally and includes tasks which are:

– Not dangerous or specialized

– Not time-sensitive

– Can be completed during normal working hours

– Don’t require special permission to resolve

Works Projects

Special projects like alterations and building renovations should be handled through your organization’s internal work order system. This is usually overseen by the director of facility management or maintenance administration. Sometimes outside contractors must be hired to assess the cost and scope of a given project. One example: an office building is in need of a structural renovation because its concrete floors have developed a large crack. In this case, it cannot be handled by the company itself, so an outside contractor would be contacted to figure out next steps.