How Data Can Inform Operation Decisions

Many business owners are beginning to take advantage of data to give them important insights into their operational decisions. Using analytics can improve service delivery while providing for more effective resource distribution. To get this helpful information, data analysis often uses multiple sets of data, of variable sizes and contexts. Below we will highlight some of the important facets of data analytics and how it can help your facilities work smarter.

Importance of Data Analytics

Considering the ever-increasing complexity of systems in today’s facilities, regular maintenance is crucial. Some of the main challenges facing facility managers are:

  • Ineffective energy metrics
  • Incongruent systems
  • Lack of reliable energy management systems
  • Inability to track system performance

These challenges can damage a facility’s operational efficiency. But using data metrics can foresee problems that traditional maintenance methods miss.

How it Works

Data analytics is the answer to many problems facilities face. Decision-making is simpler when utilizing data collected through such metrics as:

  • Internal or customer surveys
  • Smart meters
  • IT networks
  • Occupant behavior

Detecting Future Equipment or System Failure

Data analytics can forecast systems in need of maintenance before a problem even arises. With the help of integrated systems within a facility, disaster can be averted, and costly repairs and downtime can be avoided altogether.

Managing Facility Performance

By utilizing the power of data, many complex and intricate systems can be viewed in a simple, transparent way. For example, any facility manager will tell you that energy usage is not a constant, easily trackable metric.

But facilities that utilize smart sensors and/or smart meters can give you access to data while automatically suggesting solutions. These smart sensor systems allow facilities to shift non-essential power to non-peak hours, saving money while keeping your facility at peak efficiency.

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