How Paint Affects Your Office Space

The effect paint can have on the environment of your office is enormous. Color choice can affect your employee’s behavior, productivity, and general well-being. Colors can be vital in setting the right atmosphere for workers to feel relaxed and motivated.

Below are some tips for finding the right paint scheme for your office:


Blue produces a calming effect on the body, and it’s not often you’ll find someone opposed to the color. It doesn’t hurt that it’s also the most popular answer to the question “What’s your favorite color?”.


To boost creativity, integrate green into places where people brainstorm together or where computers are located. The color green also:

  • promotes agreement
  • reduces stress
  • alleviates eye strain


The color yellow is a welcoming, stimulating color. It’s best utilized in active environments. Yellow is also good for:

  • stimulating hopefulness
  • fostering attention and direction
  • promoting innovation and creativity


Red is a perfect paint color choice for office environments where people need to do something physical, rather than mental. Because the color red can sometimes trigger stress and anger, it should be used selectively and sparingly.


As a general rule, white is a terrible color to paint your office. White walls often elicit a sterile or clinical feeling, like being in a doctor’s office. It’s best to use white in small doses in the work environment.

If you’d like to know more about color psychology in the workplace, contact MaintenX.