How To Become an Electrician

The work of an electrician often goes unnoticed in modern media and culture. While this job may not be as glamorous as others, it is one of the most important in the trade fields. Electricians keep the light on during inconvenient, frustrating, and even dangerous situations. It is a highly rewarding career where you can make a difference in the lives of families and businesses in your community. 


Job Duties and Salary of an Electrician

Electricians are responsible for a building’s entire electrical system. From the wiring inside the walls to the electrical appliances, they handle repairs and installations for the entire system. Some of the common job duties for electricians include: 


  • Use blueprints to install electrical systems
  • Inspect electrical circuits and breakers 
  • Test for and diagnose electrical issues
  • Understand and adhere to building regulations
  • Test computer or other electrical systems for performance issues


Electrical work is often considered to be hazardous, but a trained electrician can avoid almost all dangers. Plus, they are compensated heavily for the risk. With a two-year degree, electricians can make upwards of $50K – $60K per year, especially if they work for an emergency maintenance service where overtime is available. 


How To Become an Electrician

Like most maintenance and mechanic jobs, you’ll need to attend a technical school to receive proper training for electrical work. Sometimes you can skip this step if you have been working in the electrical field with a family business, but it is best to invest in a proper education before beginning on-the-job training. 


Electricians must also complete an apprenticeship before they can begin practicing under a license. Typically, your technical school will set you up with an apprenticeship in the last leg of your school training. If not, you can find apprenticeships through the union or through local companies. This important step will help you gain the hands-on experience and skills needed to excel. 


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