How To Know When It’s Time For A New HVAC System

HVAC systems, like all other commercial appliances, have a limited lifespan for effectiveness. While modern energy-efficient units can last 20 years or better, most will need replacement of parts or entire units between the 10-15 year mark. While most facility managers worry they’re replacing their units too soon, there are several reasons why you should budget for an HVAC replacement as soon as your technicians suggest. 


Why You Should Replace Your HVAC System

Replacing an entire HVAC system can cost upward of $10,000 for even a small commercial facility or office space. However, the long-term cost benefits outweigh the initial investment for several reasons: 


  • An older unit will expend more energy, leading to higher power bills every month
  • Outdated technology limits your ability to install cost-saving options like a smart thermostat or higher quality rooftop units
  • Older units are more costly to repair and need more frequent service, which will accumulate maintenance costs over time


By budgeting for a new HVAC in the upcoming year, you can begin saving on repair costs, while upgrading to newer technology that helps meet energy-saving goals. 


Signs Your HVAC System Needs To Be Replaced

If you’re unsure of when it’s time to replace your HVAC system, talk to your local MaintenX technician to determine when is the optimal time to upgrade. Some systems can be restored to their original performance with cleaning and repairs, while others are easier to replace. Below are some of the signs that your HVAC system is on its last leg and should be replaced within a year or two: 


Your system runs constantly

A properly functioning HVAC system should be able to maintain the temperature without running constantly. Even if you set it significantly lower or higher than the temperature outside, it should only run a few times throughout the day. If your system has to run constantly to maintain the temperature (or runs constantly and still can’t keep up), you are likely running into the end of your system’s service life. 


Your HVAC system makes these noises.

HVAC systems make noise occasionally, especially when they first turn on or run a cycle. However, if you notice any of these noises coming constantly from your unit or vents, it could mean signs of wear and tear: 


  • Constant humming from the blower
  • Banging noises from the furnace
  • Outdoor noise before the unit is in use


Your repairs don’t last

If you are paying for repairs that don’t last more than a few months, you’re likely past due for an HVAC replacement. Repair services are meant to fix problems, not stall them. If your MaintenX team is constantly redoing work and your system is over 10 years old, it’s time to start thinking about replacing your units. 


MaintenX can help you find an HVAC system that is clean, energy-efficient, and affordable. Contact us today for the latest industry recommendations. 

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