How To Prepare Your Retail Store for The Holidays

The holiday shopping season is here, which means your retail store is about to be working overtime. Even with COVID-19 precautions still in place, you can expect to have an overflow of customers from now until January. If you and your staff aren’t prepared, you could lose significant sales and long-term customer relationships.


In 2020 holiday sales grew 8.3% even with many states still under COVID-19 restrictions. Therefore it’s important for you to prepare for even bigger sales both online and in-store this year. With the help of MaintenX to prepare your building, you can make this year an even bigger one for revenue growth at your location. Below are a few tips to help your store pull it off: 


Prepare your staffing.

With the addition of seasonal staff and increased requests for time off from your most stable teams, you need to prepare in advance for staffing chaos. Many retail outlets undertrain seasonal staff, leading to poor customer interactions and fewer sales than they could achieve with a well-prepared team. To prevent this, plan your holiday hours and approve time off in advance, as well as schedule time for increased training. 


Create holiday gift guides for shoppers to use online and in-store.

Many consumers like having gift guides to find unexpected products and ideas for their holiday shopping. By offering catalogs or online gift guides, you can increase sales and make the shopping experience much easier. 


Maximize holiday displays.

Holiday product displays and decor can make your inventory really stand out. This makes shopping easier and more fun during December, and will increase sales for you with little effort. If your displays need to be secured to existing infrastructure, however, be sure to contact MaintenX for installation questions. 


Prepare for a safe holiday season.

While restrictions across many states have been lifted, many consumers are still hesitant to engage in traditional retail shopping due to COVID-19. Make it as safe for them as possible by preparing hand washing stations, safe checkouts, and protocols for overcapacity. 


Get preventative maintenance out of the way.

The one thing you don’t want to happen during the height of your retail sales for the years is a plumbing emergency or heater breakdown. Take care of your preventative maintenance with MaintenX before your big sales to ensure a smooth shopping season for everyone. 


MaintenX is happy to help you with preventative checks and tuneups before your big sales. To schedule a consultation, contact us today.

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