How To Recruit Maintenance Apprentices

It is not news to those of us in the facility management field that apprentices and young talent in electrical, plumbing, and HVAC repair are rare. With so many young adults being pushed toward the colleges over vocational training, and scholarships becoming easier to obtain, there is a steep dropoff in the number of new mechanics, electricians, plumbers, and technicians available in the workforce. And, as the “baby boomer” generation retires, there will be even fewer skilled workers for maintenance teams to recruit. 


Generating new talent is very important for MaintenX, which is why we use and recommend these tactics for recruiting high school students and young adults to the maintenance trades:


Competitive salaries and signing bonuses

Many high schoolers go straight to college in order to take advantage of their younger years and hopefully earn a bigger salary long-term. However, the maintenance field is increasingly becoming a more affordable means to an education, often with competitive salaries to boot. Some maintenance companies will even offer signing bonuses in order to attract top talent, which is an enticing proposition for someone choosing between college and vocational school. 


Compensating on- and off-the-job training 

For those who don’t go to a traditional vocational school, apprenticeships offer the opportunity to learn on the job and earn a bit of money while doing it. Though not all apprenticeships are paid, the most competitive spots provide a living wage. This incentivizes the apprentices and provides them a means to focus solely on their training. 


Selling the benefits

There are plenty of reasons that young professionals would choose maintenance work over the traditional college route. It provides a quicker route into the workforce and offers a job that doesn’t involve desk work or tedious schooling. Active young adults are often drawn to professions that allow them to work with their hands and balance their jobs with learning opportunities. By selling the benefits of your apprenticeship that aren’t salary-based, you can show why becoming a maintenance technician is a fulfilling long-term option. 


MaintenX is thrilled to have young technicians come work for us and build the next generation of facility maintenance. To learn more about our job opportunities, visit our resource center

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