How Wellness Trends Are Affecting Modern Office Design

The days of an endless sea of cubicles under harsh fluorescent lights are gone. But what are the current and upcoming design strategies? As more and more workers prefer spaces that encourage health and well-being, office design layouts are changing to adapt.

Below we will explore some of the office design trends that are helping promote well-being.

Thinking Outside the Box

Alternative workspaces are becoming increasingly popular. From art therapy areas to indoor rock climbing walls, there are a lot of ways office designers are transforming the traditional office layout. A few examples:

Dynamic Workspaces

This design is meant to facilitate multiple functions, and can be easily transformed depending on your office’s needs at any given time. Dynamic office spaces offer flexibility and open the door for creativity and innovation. Some things you might find in these spaces are convertible furniture, multi-level wall dividers, and full wall dry-erase boards. For businesses looking for new ideas or a creativity boost, this is a clear winner.

Experience-Driven Spaces

These features of an office are not a one-size-fits-all addition. They’re meant to enrich the relationships among employees, foster creativity, or just to help workers relax and distress after—or during—a long day at the office.

Some examples include:

  • Massage therapy spaces
  • Meditation areas
  • Acupuncture parlors
  • Yoga studios
  • Walking trails
  • Espresso or cocktail bars
  • Game rooms
  • Theater or music spaces

There are many ways to increase the general health and well-being of your valued workers. Want to know more about wellness trends in office design? Contact MaintenX today!