How Your Maintenance Team Can Respond To COVID Variants In 2022

It has been nearly two years since the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak. While major improvements have been made across the U.S. to curb the spread, new variants are taking form that makes it more difficult for scientists and government organizations to protect our citizens. Therefore, businesses are needed to help prevent the spread and create a safer shopping experience for both customers and employees. 


In addition to mask protocols and vaccination support, there is plenty your business can do to create a cleaner, safer environment for all of your people. Below are just three ways in which the MaintenX team is here to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and its variants in 2022:


Cleaning HVAC systems regularly

Your HVAC system circulates air throughout the entire building, which means it can circulate airborne viruses and bacteria just as easily. This can facilitate the spread of COVID-19 from one cough to the entire building, especially if it is hosting dust, mold, and bacteria already. MaintenX helps keep your facility clean and germ-free by performing routine air duct cleaning and HVAC maintenance.


Maintain hand washing and sanitizing stations

Hand washing is one of the best ways employees can reduce the spread among their colleagues, and it starts with clean restrooms and sanitization stations throughout your facility. Plumbing issues, however, can quickly make it more difficult for staff to stay clean and wash hands frequently throughout the day. MaintenX performs restroom and plumbing maintenance to ensure your handwashing stations are clean and functional throughout your facility. 


Keep floors and surfaces clean

Research suggests that COVID-19 is not just airborne, but can also be spread through contact with contaminated surfaces. It is the job of your maintenance team as well as regular staff to keep surfaces clean and disinfected throughout the day. Disinfectants, as well as proper maintenance of the facility to reduce outdoor contaminants, can help create a cleaner environment for everyone. 


Together, we can stop the spread of COVID-19 and its variants throughout the U.S. With businesses doing their part, more customers and employees can stay safe and get back to business as usual before the pandemic occurred. 


If you are looking for a reliable contractor to perform regular maintenance for your facility in 2022, contact your local MaintenX team today!

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