HVAC Repair: Expectations vs. Reality

As we gear up for the hottest months of the year, MaintenX is preparing for the busiest HVAC repair season. Typically HVAC systems get overused in the summer to beat the heat, which can cause problems if a preventative maintenance plan is not used. Many facility owners have different expectations of how their system can perform as compared to what a standard commercial HVAC unit can do. 


If you are having issues with your HVAC system, you may be making some assumptions that are hurting our business. Do you believe any of these common HVAC misconceptions? If so, talk to your MaintenX team for help. 


It’s okay for my air conditioning to run all day in the summer. 

In Florida, where MaintenX is headquartered, many businesses believe that an HVAC system that runs all day is something to be expected in the summertime. However, having your air conditioning run all day is not only incredibly expensive — it is a sure sign that your system is not performing well. A system that is efficient and a facility that is well insulated should be no more difficult to cool in the summer than it is to heat in the winter. Talk to your MaintenX crew if you notice the air conditioning running all day to see if improvements can be made. 


An expensive machine will not break down.

We always encourage clients to upgrade to the best, most energy-efficient system they can afford when their old HVAC system reaches the end of its service life. However, that does not mean you can abandon your preventative maintenance plan once it is installed. Your system still needs preventative maintenance to keep it clean, insulated, and functioning at peak performance even in the first months after installation. Doing this will maximize the service life of your system.


My HVAC crew can be available within hours. 

During the summertime, it may take days to receive a crew for a service request that isn’t emergent. Even some emergencies will take several hours or overnight because of the incredible volume we receive this time of year. That is just one reason why MaintenX encourages all customers to schedule their maintenance services in advance.


HVAC maintenance is critical to the health and performance of your commercial facility. Don’t wait to schedule your preventative services! Call MaintenX today to learn what you can do to keep your HVAC system in good working condition all summer long. 

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