Is Your Roof Energy-Efficient?

When business owners talk about improving energy efficiency, roofing is rarely one of the topics that come up. Your roof doesn’t use any energy to function, and unless you install solar panels, it plays no part in creating energy for your building. However, your roof plays a critical role in how energy-efficient your building is as a whole.

Your roof insulates the interior of the building and (hopefully) prevents heat absorption from outside. An energy-efficient roof helps keep climate-controlled air consistent, which helps your HVAC system run more efficiently. Roofing also plays a part in your building’s ventilation system which also consumes a great amount of energy for your building.

Hallmarks of an Energy-Efficient Roof

An energy-efficient roof will do several things to benefit your building. It will reduce heat absorption from outside, prevent water damage due to rain, and maintain proper ventilation for your facility. If your roof has these features, it is likely energy-efficient for your building:

  • The roof is properly insulated – Roofing insulation, including the flashing and interior insulation, helps to prevent heat absorption or loss during the summer and winter months. This helps your HVAC units run more efficiently and reduce the energy needed for climate control.
  • It has a light-colored and heat-resistant exterior – The material used for your roof plays a big part in whether or not it is energy-efficient. A roof that is dark in color or made with a heat-absorbing material will heat your building much more quickly in the summertime. Choose light-colored roofing that is insulated and sturdy enough to block heat absorption in the interior of your building.
  • It is waterproof – A waterproof roof is not only important to prevent water damage, but can also insulate your roof for improved energy efficiency. Waterproof membranes are relatively easy to install and are considered especially important for commercial roofing applications.

If your roof does not have these features, you may be spending more on energy for your building than you should be. Energy efficiency is not only important as a green initiative – it can cost you thousands of dollars a year to not make your building as energy-efficient as possible.

MaintenX provides energy-efficiency audits for roofing, as well as preventative care and installation services to help you design a more efficient building. To learn more about our roofing audits and preventative maintenance services, contact your local MaintenX team today!

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