New Year’s Resolutions For Your Maintenance Department

New Year’s Resolutions are a touchy subject for many. Most of us fail to implement them past January or have trouble coming up with ones that are truly meaningful. As a business, it can be even more difficult to decide what to keep and what to change about your company’s culture and operations as the new year rolls around. 


At MaintenX, we are always striving to improve upon our practices every year. Our maintenance strategy is all about preventing emergency repairs and reducing costs, which helps you create a better working environment for all. If you’re looking to improve your maintenance program this year, follow these tips we use with our teams to streamline your efforts in 2022:


Clear out your backlog

How often do you actually address the maintenance requests in your backlog? If you’re like most companies, you only do it when you have an overflow of service requests or when someone from the maintenance department asks you repeatedly. Instead of waiting, why not clear out the backlog this January to make things easier all year long?


Meet with your maintenance team more regularly

Preventative maintenance can get lost in the sea of daily to-dos if you don’t make time to meet regularly with your maintenance team. Instead of hoping your preventative care schedule falls into place, make time for it now by scheduling regular meetings with your MaintenX team. If you plan them early, you can make it easier for yourself to stick to the plan throughout the year. 


Invest in one energy-efficient upgrade this year

Making room in the budget for nicer upgrades can be difficult, especially if you have more pressing repairs and expenses to take care of. However, by investing in energy-efficient upgrades, you can help save your company money in the long term by reducing energy costs and improving the service life of your equipment.


Creating good maintenance habits starts with the right mindset at the beginning of the year. MaintenX can help make it easier for you by scheduling preventative repairs based on past services, and help guide you toward a more manageable maintenance schedule.

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