Planning and Scheduling Preventative Maintenance Inspections

Devising and executing a preventative maintenance plan is one of the best things that a facility manager can do to ensure that every system and piece of equipment in their facility is functioning properly. While they represent an ongoing cost, inspections and small fixes over time will always be less expensive than a sudden major breakdown. This prevents downtime and makes expenses predictable, allowing you to schedule upgrades and replacements at your own convenience.

The first step in developing a preventive maintenance plan is determining what systems and pieces of equipment need maintenance, and on what timetable. Certain items need more maintenance than others; for example, refrigeration equipment should be inspected monthly to every three months, depending on usage, whereas some plumbing constructs can go a few years without needing to be tested. Make an organized list containing every piece of equipment, its age, its service history, its service frequency, and its expected service life. This will not only help you manage your facility, it will greatly help whoever comes after you.

As a bonus, most types of preventative maintenance don’t require downtime, and thus can be done during the workday. For the ones that do, however, be sure to schedule them at a time that is convenient for management and employees.

MaintenX has helped many companies during more than 30 years in the industry plan and schedule the best preventive maintenance inspection plans. We want to do the same for you as well. Contact us today for more information.