Predictive Maintenance Tips to Keep in Mind

The world of facility management is a fast-changing one. For example, many facility managers are now beginning to move from preventive maintenance to a predictive maintenance model. New and powerful software, sensor technology, and an expanding Internet of Things (IoT) have all led to new ways to precisely monitor facility metrics at an affordable price.

Below are some of the new technologies used in predictive maintenance:

Power System Assessment

Power System Assessments are done by licensed electrical engineers. They involve visual inspections of a facility’s power system. Flaws, corrosion, hazards, or system weaknesses are identified so facility managers can deal with these issues before they cause a problem.

Online Temperature Monitoring

Online Temperature Monitoring gives facility managers 24/7 access to critical systems. It evaluates the current condition of facility assets and can even detect problematic irregularities before they get out of hand.

Circuit Monitor Analysis

Circuit monitors record relevant voltage and power data. They help facility managers recognize where hazardous sags and swells occur in the system.

Intelligent Protective Devices

Monitoring of circuit breakers provides facility managers with accurate, real-time data, such as:

  • Identification and position
  • Number of operations
  • Cumulative interrupted currents
  • Operating times
  • Charging time
  • Travel-time curve
  • Excess closing energy
  • Wear of contacts

Motor control centers can be checked for:

  • Motor current and power
  • Thermal capacity
  • Line currents
  • Average current
  • Ground current
  • Motor temperature
  • Current phase imbalance
  • Voltage frequency
  • Line to line voltage
  • Line voltage imbalance

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