Protecting your Building and Occupants from Severe Weather

When severe weather is headed your way, you as a facility manager want to protect your building not only for the sake of the business, but also for its occupants. Weather can sometimes be unpredictable, so you don’t want to leave preparations to the last minute. If you live in an area prone to natural disasters, make sure to have a plan for your facility ahead of time.

The first is to assess the areas of your facility that are most susceptible to water, wind, and fire damage. Typical weak areas include doors, windows, and skylights; if it was designed for people to pass through it, the elements will be able to more easily. A thorough inspection of your building will reveal less obvious vulnerabilities.

Once you know this, you can begin fortifying those areas to make them stronger. If windows and skylights are the main weaknesses and you face high winds, consider installing hurricane-proof glass. If you’re vulnerable to water, make sure doors and windows have tight seals and that the roof has no leaks. If there is electrical equipment near potential water entry points and you know a big storm is on the horizon, move them to safer areas.

If your location is vulnerable to sudden disasters, have an evacuation plan as well. If your building is strong enough, consider offering it as a shelter for your employees.

Proper planning goes a long way to protecting your building and occupants from severe weather, so you want to begin developing this now. To learn more about how we at MaintenX can assist you in this, please contact us anytime.