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    Old damaged electrical wiring is one of the leading sources of commercial building fires we see at MaintenX. And yet, so many facility managers don’t give their wiring a second thought until it causes problems. It stays hidden within the walls, and facility managers forget about its maintenance. However, if you’re in an older building, … Continue reading "Is Your Electrical Wiring A Fire Hazard?"

    How To Remove Mold From Roofing
    Posted: April 14, 2021

    Roofing maintenance is typically straightforward. You clean your gutters every year, replace shingles after a storm, and make sure that water penetration is kept at bay. However, not many commercial facility owners realize their building may be at risk for molding on their roof. If water does not dry after heavy rainfall, you could have … Continue reading "How To Remove Mold From Roofing"

    Solar panels are becoming more and more popular for commercial facilities. Not only are they a great way to reduce your building’s environmental impact, but they can help reduce your energy bill as well. Florida and many other states offer incentive programs to switch to solar, making it more affordable than ever to install solar … Continue reading "Switching to Solar? How Panels Can Affect Your Roofing"

    Hurricane season is fast-approaching, and MaintenX wants to help your facility prepare. Typically, we worry most about our clients’ roofing, because this is the source of the greatest damage during major storms. If the roof collapses, everything inside the facility is susceptible to tree and water damage. If the roof stands strong, however, it is … Continue reading "Spring Roof Cleaning + Tips for Hurricane Preparedness"


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