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When you have a repair needed for facility equipment, who do you call? Do you look to your trusted handyman to take a look, or do you go straight to the specialist? Different facility managers have different go-to contractors for their maintenance needs, but its important to know when to go to the specialist versus … Continue reading "Benefits of Handyman vs. Specialized Contractor Services"

Flooring can add so much to the design and mood of an office space. It can add brightness or warmth; it can create ambiance and style; it can make your office a safer space to work in some circumstances. But, flooring can also take away from the appearance and health of your facility if not … Continue reading "Easy Floor Maintenance Tips For Office Buildings"

During an installation, repair, or renovation, you put the fate of your facility in someone else’s hands. It can be daunting to trust a contractor to complete work on your property, and things only get worse when they start running behind schedule. Sometimes a change in schedule can be recouped later in the project, but … Continue reading "What To Do When Your General Contractor Is Behind Schedule?"

Your HVAC system is much more than parts running in the background. It’s what provides your tenants and customers relief from the summer heat, and comfort during their day at work. A properly running HVAC system makes your facility a great place to work. A poorly maintained system, on the other hand, will upset tenants … Continue reading "Common HVAC Maintenance Issues In The Spring And Summer"


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