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Preventative maintenance can become one of your facility’s greatest cost-saving measures when implemented correctly. However, managing such a program takes time and effort. Otherwise, it will just become another operations obligation that provides no real benefit to you or your tenants. In order to make preventative maintenance truly effective, you need to plan and organize … Continue reading "How to Create AND Implement Your Ideal Preventative Maintenance Checklist"

Facility managers are exceptional multitaskers. They manage their maintenance teams, their staff, tenants, and all the moving parts that keep operations running smoothly. With so many tasks to delegate, facility managers need a strong preventative maintenance (PM) plan to back them up. This keeps everyone on the same page and prevents equipment breakdowns that could … Continue reading "Stressed About Maintenance Management? Here’s How To Simplify Your PM Plan"

Energy-efficiency is a hot topic in both the public and business world. Energy efficiency measures not only help to clean up our communities in terms of environmental preservation, but making these changes now can help businesses save money in the future. Recent data on the cost-saving potential of commercial energy-efficient equipment speaks for itself:  Buildings … Continue reading "Three Ways to Scale Energy Efficiency at Your Facility"

At Maintenx, we deal with deferred maintenance every day. Clients new and old wait to call a licensed professional for their HVAC maintenance service, and pay the high price when a breakdown occurs. While we encourage all clients to invest in preventative care for their facility equipment, this doesn’t always happen.  To demonstrate the importance … Continue reading "Four Reasons You Should NEVER Defer HVAC Maintenance"


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