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Hillsborough county schools, as well as schools across the country, are preparing to reopen amidst the coronavirus pandemic. This decision has come after many months of debate, school planning, and research by health authorities to ensure that children continue their studies in a safe and healthy environment. As a maintenance and cleaning service provider, MaintenX … Continue reading "Back To School Maintenance Tips During COVID-19"

Facility managers primarily focus on cost-cutting and facility efficiency, because that is what their own job performance is measured upon. However, maintaining low-cost efficient systems is not the only job of your maintenance staff. While we keep your costs and workflow in mind, our main job is to ensure that your facility is a safe … Continue reading "Forget These Five Maintenance Tasks And You Could Put Employees in Danger"

Affordable housing and office rentals are essential in our communities. They make it possible for young families to thrive, small businesses to grow, and for consumers to get the products they love for less. However, many low-rent facilities are neglected because they are not a top priority for the property management. At MaintenX, we want … Continue reading "How To Improve Tenant Satisfaction In Low-Rent Facilities"

Four Tips for Better Floor Cleaning & Care
Posted: September 14, 2020

This year has made businesses across the country more aware of their health and cleaning standards. As we battle the novel coronavirus, many brands have taken it upon themselves to revamp their cleaning and sanitization habits to better protect employees and customers. At MaintenX, we strive to be a resource for those companies by helping … Continue reading "Four Tips for Better Floor Cleaning & Care"


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