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    Most of us are familiar with the water heater tank that’s in our facility or home. These massive hot water heaters are difficult to repair, take up a lot of space, and can be detrimental to your facility operations if they malfunction. Most of us simply accept the risks, but new technologies have allowed for … Continue reading "The Advantages of Instant Water Heaters"

    The most effective facility managers are those that are involved on the ground floor. They know the ins and outs of their maintenance department and know the right questions to ask about each piece of equipment in their building. To help you become more involved in your maintenance department, we want to give you a … Continue reading "Hot Water Heater FAQs for Small Businesses"

    Electrical repair work is something most commercial property owners steer clear from, and for good reason. It is one of the most dangerous lines of maintenance work out there and requires a depth of knowledge and skill to master. However, at MaintenX we want you to be prepared for all types of electrical issues. The … Continue reading "The Dangers of Static, Surges, and Other Electrical Anomalies At Your Facility"

    As the weather warms, your maintenance team should put HVAC repairs at the top of their priority list. Summer is the number one time for emergency HVAC repairs and maintenance, and our schedules become very busy by mid-May. If you want to protect your facility from a debilitating HVAC emergency, you’ll want to get ahead … Continue reading "Room-To-Room Commercial HVAC Maintenance Checklist"


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