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    Becoming a commercial electrician is one of the most difficult paths to take in the maintenance service world. These professionals must complete years of training and classes to prepare for the large scope of commercial electrical work and safety. However, those that make it are the best of the best. They can help you lower … Continue reading "Ask An Electrician: Four Most Frequently Asked Questions"

    HVAC maintenance is a top priority for most facility managers. It is one of the most important cost-saving services you can schedule and will improve the overall health and indoor air quality standards of your facility. Despite how important this service is, many facility managers don’t know enough about their HVAC system to maintain it … Continue reading "Ask An HVAC Tech: Three Most Frequently Asked Questions"

    MaintenX specializes in roofing repairs, installations, and preventative service throughout Florida and the U.S. We believe this is one of our most important services, as often commercial roofing maintenance is neglected in favor of other maintenance services. Roofing maintenance, however, protects your entire building from water damage, structural problems, and other maintenance disasters you’d much … Continue reading "Ask A Roofer: Five Most Frequently Asked Questions"

    When managing a commercial site, plumbing maintenance is one service you don’t want to skip. The plumbing system at a commercial site is not only responsible for sanitation but can be essential for services in medicine, hospitality, and the food service industry. Finding the right commercial plumber for your facility should be first on the … Continue reading "Ask A Plumber: Five Most Frequently Asked Questions"


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