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    Prepping Your Business for the Holidays
    Posted: September 22, 2022

    The holiday season is just around the corner, which means one thing for most businesses – it’s time for annual sales. Retail, travel, and entertainment businesses have some of their biggest months of the year around the holidays. However, this also means it’s the season with the most heightened competition in your industry. If you … Continue reading "Prepping Your Business for the Holidays"

    Ways to Improve Business Curb Appeal
    Posted: September 21, 2022

    As business owners, we spend a lot of time perfecting the look of our brands. The color, the storefront, the packaging of products, and everything in between are meticulously planned to ensure our customers get the same experience every time. Branding is arguably the most important element of marketing as a whole, and it doesn’t … Continue reading "Ways to Improve Business Curb Appeal"

    MaintenX strives to offer our clients eco-friendly options for their HVAC, plumbing, roofing, electrical systems, and even landscaping because we know how big a difference it can make for our communities. Even small acts of energy savings can make large-scale impacts on our environment, and even help our client’s bottom line. And, the best part … Continue reading "Eco-Friendly Landscaping Tips for Your Business"

    In Florida, hurricane season falls between July and November, with the most intense storms usually coming through in September and October. During these months, it’s important for businesses to prepare ahead of time to ensure their property and employees are safe. This preparation should include evacuation protocols, plans for safely storing merchandise, and an emergency … Continue reading "The Best Generators for Florida’s Hurricane Season"


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