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    For most businesses — especially those retail, finance, food service, travel, and nonprofit work — the busiest month of the year is always December. It’s the time of year when people want to buy and give the most, which means you’ll see a spike in sales almost guaranteed. However, after the holiday rush, it would … Continue reading "How To Maintain Sales After The Holiday Season"

    Commercial flooring can be difficult to maintain, especially if your facility faces high levels of foot traffic throughout the day. There are pros and cons to each option but carpet is becoming more popular in recent years. Carpet is often used for healthcare facilities, hotels, retail, education, and office buildings. There are a variety of … Continue reading "The Pros and Cons of Carpet In A Commercial Facility"

    Maintenance systems are as complex as the facilities for which they are designed. Without even considering the hassle that emergency repairs cause, preventative maintenance is something that must be continually monitored and improved based on the changing needs of the facility. However, this is not how preventative maintenance plans are often organized.  Many facility managers, … Continue reading "Finish What You Started: How To Improve Basic Maintenance Systems"

    In most commercial facilities, departments operate largely as operational silos with very little communication among them. This is especially true of the maintenance team. Most maintenance team members are not seen until an emergency happens or a preventative repair must be scheduled. They are brought in and swiftly brought out, with very little communication afterward. … Continue reading "How To Align Company Goals With Facility Maintenance Goals"


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