Spring Roof Cleaning + Tips for Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane season is fast-approaching, and MaintenX wants to help your facility prepare. Typically, we worry most about our clients’ roofing, because this is the source of the greatest damage during major storms. If the roof collapses, everything inside the facility is susceptible to tree and water damage. If the roof stands strong, however, it is likely your facility will be operational after a storm. 


Below are our top tips to help you prepare your roofing for hurricane season: 


Schedule a roofing inspection

Your MaintenX roofing specialists can help you identify potential issues with your current roofing system. If you have cracks, water damage, or areas that could be weak in a storm, your roofing maintenance team can help you replace and repair what’s needed. This will help protect your facility during hurricane season when roof damage is typically the most destructive. 


Clean gutters

Cleaning the debris out of your gutters will not only help keep water damage at bay but can reduce the load on the gutters to ensure they don’t break during a storm. Clogged gutters will start to grow mold which can deteriorate the structure over time. Leaves and other fallen debris can also add weight to the roof and cause the gutters to snap during a hurricane. To avoid this, be sure to clean them in the springtime. 


Trim overhanging trees

One of the most common causes of hurricane damage is not the wind or rain itself, but fallen trees. When the trees fall, they will take down with them anything in the path. Fallen trees can break through roofing which is why it’s important to remove any dead overhang near your facility. Dead trees and limbs are much more likely to fall than live, healthy ones. 


Review your insurance

Just as maintenance preparation is important for hurricane season, so is paperwork preparation. Before the next hurricane season hits you’ll want to make sure your roofing, windows, and landscaping are covered as well as the structure of the building itself. Insurance policies are finicky when it comes to hurricane damage, and you don’t want to be left in the dark. Contact your insurance provider to make sure you are fully covered before July. 


To learn more about hurricane preparedness for your commercial facility, contact MaintenX today! We specialize in emergency maintenance and have experience dealing with the aftermath of major hurricanes. Our MaintenX technicians are always here to help you. 

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