Stucco vs. Vinyl Siding – Which is Best for Your Business?

Small businesses typically have two types of siding for their building – stucco and vinyl. Stucco is an aggregate substance applied smoothly to exterior walls to create a visually appealing and durable exterior, while vinyl is installed in boards to achieve the same purpose. While vinyl siding is more common in residential building because of its affordability, there are some commercial applications in which vinyl is preferable.

Below we’ll discuss the various factors to consider when choosing vinyl vs. stucco for your commercial building. If you have further questions, ask your MaintenX contractor to determine which is best for your particular project:


Both vinyl and stucco siding is considered highly durable for exterior applications. Stucco is considered somewhat more impact-resistant; however, insulated vinyl is just as strong against weather and wind as most stucco applications.


While both materials are durable, stucco is considered to have a much longer service life. Because it is directly applied, it can withstand for decades with minimal maintenance required. Vinyl siding, on the other hand, does best when replaced after 40 to 60 years as it will fade and deteriorate slowly.


Most commercial buildings use stucco because of its clean, smooth appearance Vinyl siding is more common for residential use, and can therefore make your commercial building look more like a home if used. While this may be suitable for small commercial buildings or those that have been renovated from residential buildings, it can be a downside if you’re going for a certain look.


Stucco is significantly more expensive than vinyl, not only in material cost but in the extra hours it takes to install. While the upfront costs are significantly more with a stucco installation, it’s also important to factor in your ROI for stucco vs. vinyl. Stucco will last longer, which means your dollar will stretch further if you’re planning to own the property for many years. Stucco can also add to resale value for commercial properties as opposed to other siding options.

MaintenX offers stucco installation and exterior maintenance services to ensure your building looks and functions exceptionally regardless of weather or time. To learn more about your installation options, contact your local MaintenX team today!

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