The Benefits of Workplace Analytics

Your workforce is your most treasured asset, so you want to make sure your employees do their best work. But many business owners don’t have the right tools immediately at their disposal to make the best decisions about the what’s, where’s, who’s, and when’s of an expansive and ever-changing workplace. That’s why many businesses are using workplace analytics to get the edge on the competition.

But what is workplace analytics?

Microsoft’s Answer to Common Business Problems

Workplace Analytics is a program that uses data from everyday work you and your staff do in Office 365 to identify the various patterns and trends that impact your company’s productivity, as well as your workforce’s efficiency.

Maximize Workforce Value

Use data from everyday work in Office 365 (emails, meetings, collaboration, communications trends, etc.) to see what challenges your company faces, time spent on focused work, high after-hours workload, and more. Combine these insights with customizable survey results to discover relationships between work patterns and team strength indicators to get a better picture of what works—and what doesn’t—in your organization.

Powerful Analytics Information

Everyone’s different. That’s why employees function at their best in different situations and at different times. One person may be at peak performance during the day shift, but then their productivity drops dramatically when they work at night.

In agile, cooperative work environments, work times can be calibrated to fit individual needs and strengths.

Workforce analytics allows you to see past a “problem employee” that isn’t working well in a group or at a certain time, and then pair them with a team that better suits their personality, strengths, and collaborative skills.

By making a work environment that adapts to the needs of the individual worker AND the company as a whole, your business can work smarter and more productively.