The Next Generation of Sustainable Electrical Systems

Your electrical system is the heartbeat of your facility. Without the electrical system, your building would be rendered uninhabitable, let alone practical for your business functions. A highly functioning and sustainable electrical system, on the other hand, can help your building save money and run more efficiently. It is for this reason that we recommend you invest in sustainability in your electrical system design. 


What Are Sustainable Systems?

A sustainable electrical system requires several elements. First, it must effectively reduce energy consumption below current commercial building standards. It must do so in a way that is tenable long-term and does not require additional maintenance or costs above a traditional electrical system. Sustainable designs must also be recyclable once they become outdated for the building. 


With these requirements in mind, there are many ways you can retool your electrical system to become more sustainable. Many facility managers start small by replacing appliances and lighting with energy-efficient alternatives. However, this is often not enough to make a real impact on your facility long-term. You need to incorporate the whole system — from the maintenance you plan to the manufacturers you choose — into a sustainable design for the system to provide lasting benefit. 


Sustainability in Maintenance

Manufacturers in sustainable design often plan for serviceability in their electrical systems. If an electrical system is designed with maintenance in mind, it is likely to outperform ones that are not. It is also important to invest in electrical maintenance as part of our sustainability plan. AN electrical system that is well-maintained will last longer and require fewer replacement parts and expensive repairs than those that are not. 


Improving Sustainability Over Time

One of the best ways to improve your electrical systems’ efficiency is to install sensors to track their output and performance over time. An electrical system that is overworking will cost you in the long run. This also makes your maintenance plan more efficient. A reliability-centered maintenance plan that adjusts for energy usage over time can create real savings over the years. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll see the benefits of a sustainable electrical system. 


MaintenX believes that sustainability is necessary for the next generation of commercial facilities. Without these goals in mind, business performance is guaranteed to slow and costs are guaranteed to rise. Now is the time to act and make your electrical system efficient for the future. 


To learn more about electrical safety and sustainability, contact your local MaintenX team today!

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