Three Maintenance Strategies That Are Essential For Office Buildings

Office buildings have gone through many changes since the onset of COVID-19. Many have stringent new health and safety protocols to keep the virus’ risk to a minimum while in close quarters. However, as we move into a new age of COVID-19 life, there is an increased focus on maintenance strategies to keep office buildings safe. 


If you own or manage an office building, there are certain preventative care measures you should take for the health of your staff and efficiency of the building itself. We believe these three systems typically need the greatest care on a month-to-month basis:


Climate Control

Many facilities revisited their HVAC cleaning and maintenance strategies during COVID-19 to ensure greater indoor air quality. When vents and air ducts are clean and functioning properly, your building is less likely to circulate bacteria, viruses, and other germs. Now is the time to look at your HVAC maintenance schedule and see if there are areas to improve. Your MaintenX technician can help you get on a regular cleaning and preventative care schedule that works for you. 


Plumbing Maintenance

Smaller office buildings often have similar plumbing systems to residential facilities, but they are used much more often and therefore require greater care. MaintenX offers hydro jet cleaning, backflow testing, plumbing insulation, and other preventative care services to keep your office plumbing in working order. These simple procedures can help you maintain a cleaner office for your staff and ensure you never have to upset guests with an “out of order” sign on the restrooms. 


Electrical Safety

Most office buildings rely on computers and other office appliances for the bulk of their work. That means that nearly every outlet you have will be in use or connected to extension cords to handle toe demand of electrical power. This can cause stress on the system as a whole if not properly monitored. Your MaintenX team can provide electrical maintenance strategies to ensure you never have to worry about electrical hazards or power outages at the office. 


MaintenX specializes in office maintenance for both preventative services and emergency repair. Contact us today to learn more about your preventative care options!

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