Three Things Your Roofer Wants You To Stop Doing at Your Business

Roofing repair is one of the most important services we offer at MaintenX. Oftentimes, roofing problems are what get businesses in trouble when left untreated, as they can lead to major water damage, pest infestations, and worse. Our best tool is education when it comes to roofing service, as an informed customer can make a better decision on when and what they need for their roofing system. 


While we do our best to arm our clients with knowledge on their roofing system, we often see them make these same mistakes over and over. If you want to avoid costly roofing repairs and maintenance later down the line, avoid making these common roofing errors: 


Getting on the roof without safety equipment. 

Unless your commercial building is made for foot traffic on the roof, never climb up there without safety equipment. This puts you at severe risk, and should never be necessary without a licensed roofer present. Even if it is for something as simple as hanging company Christmas lights, you should always use safety equipment when getting on your building’s roof. 


Ignoring minor roof leaks. 

Modern roofing is made to withstand leaks. It is built in layers including waterproof membranes, flashing, and durable exterior roof material, all of which are designed to minimize water damage. If you notice a leak coming from your roof, that means something has gone seriously wrong. Contact your MaintenX team immediately to address the issue and avoid further roof damage. 


Neglecting to clean your roof and gutters. 

One of the worst parts of a roofer’s job is having to clean severely neglected roofing and gutter systems on a commercial building. It may be a pain to schedule cleanings every six months to a year, but it is much better for your roofing and will help you avoid costly repairs later on. Talk to your MaintenX roofer about a cleaning schedule to ensure your roof looks great and stays strong for years to come. 


MaintenX offers professional roofing repair, preventative care, and installations for commercial facilities. If you are looking to clean or repair your roofing, give us a call today to learn what MaintenX can do for you!

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