Tips for Preventing Workplace Injury for Your Maintenance Team

HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and roofing repair are all dangerous careers to follow. They involve years of training and often require technicians to squeeze into tight spaces or go up great heights in order to perform the work. And that’s not to mention the inherent health and safety dangers of working with electricity or plumbing on a daily basis. 


Despite the dangers, these technicians do their best every day in order to ensure their clients are well taken care of. If you want to ensure the safety and continued great work of your MaintenX technicians, follow these # tips for maintenance work safety: 


Audit your facility for safety issues.

Accidents happen, but many of the accidents that occur during maintenance are due to improperly working equipment or facility hazards. Maintenance technicians spend years training and are well-equipped to avoid injury, but careless mistakes within the facility can cause emergencies. Ask your MaintenX team to perform a safety audit to remove hazards and create a safer place for everyone to work. 


Provide protective equipment. 

Many injuries can be avoided when maintenance staffing is well-equipped with masks, gloves, eye protective gear, and other items to prevent injuries onsite. These pieces of equipment can prevent injury especially during electrical and plumbing repair. However, they can also be used for anyone performing maintenance in tight spaces or dangerous conditions. 



An organized facility makes maintenance work much simpler. It can also prevent trip-and-fall accidents on the job, which result in a high percentage of workplace accident lawsuits. By keeping walkways and work stations clean, especially around pieces of equipment such as HVAC units and electrical boxes, you can ensure a safer place for everyone. 


Conduct physicals with new hires. 

Maintenance work requires a certain level of physical aptitude for some services to be performed safely. While physical fitness should not be the primary factor to consider when bringing on a new hire, ensuring that your staff is physically capable and won’t get injured on the job is essential for maintaining a safe work environment. For maintenance technicians with physical limitations, ensure they are partnered with other technicians that can safely perform more labor-intensive work. 


Provide ongoing training. 

Maintenance work is always evolving based on new tools, technologies, and equipment used at your facility. If you want your maintenance technicians to be prepared for anything, ongoing training is essential. Annual training camps or seminars when new technology is introduced can help your maintenance team stay ahead of the curve and provide more value to your facility and within their own careers. 


Maintenance safety is a number one priority for MaintenX. We take every precaution to ensure our workers are taken care of and know how to handle potentially dangerous situations with tact. To learn more about ways you can improve your own workplace safety procedures, visit our Resource Center.

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