Tips for Saving on Roofing Repairs This Winter

For our clients up North, winter is the most common time for roofing repairs. As your commercial facility’s roof becomes stressed under snow and autumn debris, you can start to notice leaks, cracks, and drafts from outside due to poor roofing insulation. In order to prevent these minor issues from becoming major repairs, preventative maintenance is key. 


Below are three tips to help you prevent the more costly roofing repairs at your facility, and keep your building well-insulated throughout the winter: 


Clean fallen leaves and gutters before the first snowfall.

The biggest culprit of winter roofing damage is the accumulation of leaves and gutter debris during the autumn. If you don’t clear away fallen leaves before the first snowfall, they will only continue to weigh down on your roof and cause mold problems when the snow begins to melt. Don’t let this happen. Schedule a roof and gutter cleaning service before the first snowfall to prevent mold and mildew problems at your facility. 


Trim your trees. 

During the winter, tree branches will go dormant and snow will begin to pile up on larger branches. While this can be pretty, it can also be dangerous. Older branches can snap and fall on your building. By trimming your trees, you prevent this hazard and help your trees grow back fuller in the spring. 


Schedule regular snow removal services. 

Snow removal is essential to maintaining a structurally sound roof. If you live in a northern state, you know how high snow can build up over time. By creating a snow removal schedule, it will be easier to get ahead of the problem and prevent water damage when the snow starts to melt. 

Wintertime can be a beautiful time at your facility if you keep ahead of the snow and watch out for any problems with your roofing. To learn more about winterization for your commercial facility, visit our Resource Center.

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