Trending Colors and Decor for Office Buildings 2022

2022 has arguably been the best year of the decade for most Americans thus far. As we turn out of the pandemic and into a brighter future, many small business owners are rethinking how they utilize their office space. With a thriving economy and a changing perspective of what “business as usual” means for the workforce, there is no reason why you can’t embrace the modern era in office interior design.

Below are the top three trends that are changing the way office spaces are utilized and designed in 2022. If you’re looking to make a change, any of these ideas can help you make your office a more enjoyable and productive place for employees:

Spring colors

Pantone’s color of the year was a vibrant lavender shade dubbed “very Peri,” with complementing colors resembling the bright and joyous colors of spring flowers and greenery. Cool aloe greens and warm pastel pinks were suggested to counteract the boldness of Very Peri which suggests that people desire vibrancy and color rather than subtle shades of beige found in many office buildings today.

Wood furnishing and natural decor

For years, the definition of “modern” was sleek, cold, unnatural materials and shapes in interior design. However, after a decade of us growing apart as a society through the influx of social media and the last two years of social isolation, people are craving warmth, connection, and natural elements in their office spaces. Wood furnishings are seeing a resurgence in style, as are office spaces with greenery incorporated. Sustainable building architecture is utilizing plant life to bring back a connection to the outside world amidst the ever-growing concrete jungles of urban life.

Resimmercial office design

The term “resimmercial” in interior design simply means the merging of residential and commercial design principles. This hybrid of home living and office design was popularized after the pandemic sent millions of Americans home to work for months. Even though most of us have returned, employees are craving the comforts of home even more.

Incorporating these trends can help your office space transition into the 2020s with ease. If you are interested in more than an interior redesign, however, contact MaintenX to learn about commercial remodeling services available in your area.

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