Troubleshooting AC Issues After the Winter

In Florida, it is not uncommon to forgo running the air conditioning system in a home or facility or run it minimally during the winter months. Since it is cool enough most of the time to not require air conditioning, it can be a major cost saver in both electricity and wear on the system. Even if the AC system is being run less frequently or at higher temperatures, the difference in energy consumption is apparent immediately. When winter is over, however, there is often a spike in issues regarding AC systems due to their inactivity. What is the best way to mitigate these issues?


Troubleshooting Common AC Issues


Some issues with the air conditioning system can be resolved by remembering a few basic things. Firstly, some issues aren’t truly a problem and are just the result of the system having not been run in a while. For example, a mild burning smell is sometimes present when the system is turned on after a while due to the dust that was built up being blown around and flushed out. This should quickly go away and isn’t a cause for concern. Air filters are also an efficiency issue that is easily fixed. Many people forget to change their filters when the system is not in use, but doing so will increase air flow and generate less energy consumption when the system is back working again.


Setting Up Maintenance for the Summer


Some air conditioning issues are a problem and can be prevented with the right kind of maintenance plans. Even during the winter months, it is a good idea to schedule preventive maintenance to catch any issues that might be festering while the system isn’t being used as much so that major repairs aren’t needed later on. Individual parts that may have gotten rusty or worn down by the elements can be swapped out before they cause a breakdown. If you don’t have a maintenance plan set up now, it is certainly a good idea to prepare one for the summer when you will need your AC system the most. 


We at MaintenX excel in setting up and executing preventative maintenance plans for facilities of all sizes. To learn more about how we can help you with yours and ensure that your AC system is running properly all year, please call us at (855) 751-0075.

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