Ways to Make Your Facilities More Eco-Friendly

Green facility design and implementation strategies are more popular and cost-effective than ever before. Below we’ll explore current options that can make your facilities a little greener.

Sustainability Training

Everyone in your organization should be aware of the sustainability practices of your facility, which need employee buy-in to function optimally. If you can afford to, think about hiring a certified energy manager to monitor facility systems, fluctuating energy costs, and energy and resource conservation plans.

Get Employees Involved

Monthly team challenges can be an enjoyable method of pairing the thrill of competition with greener outcomes. Create a competition to see who can go a month without using plastic utensils and cups, and track the winners and losers on chart in the break room. You can award the winners with a gift certificate or even an extra paid vacation day. It’s a great way to get your workforce involved without making it boring.

Renewable Energy

Green power sources, like solar and wind energy, are cheaper and more accessible than ever before. Rooftop solar installations are a great option and end up paying for themselves over the course of their lives.

Environmental responsibility is a gratifying and honorable goal. And “greening” your business isn’t just a humanitarian effort—it can save your business a lot of money by reducing the amount of energy and disposable products you use.

To learn more about how greening your facilities can help your business, call MaintenX!