What Is HVAC Zone Control?

HVAC zone control is a system that regulates the temperature for individual areas, or “zones” in a building instead of one temperature for the entire building. These systems can increase employee comfort, accommodate equipment that requires certain temperatures for peak performance, and reduce energy consumption and therefore costs.

Commercial Spaces

Utilizing HVAC zone control in office environments is a great option. Anyone familiar with the “battle of the thermostat” can tell you that people have vastly different preferences when it comes to temperature comfort. With HVAC zoning, each area can be set to its own personalized temperature. The same area can also be set to different temperatures at different times of the day to further optimize staff comfort.

If you’re office is like most, your conference room is usually vacant. With HVAC zoning, you can save company resources by only heating and cooling rooms when they’re in use. This can be achieved with motion sensors that turn on climate control when they sense that someone is using the room. This system can also be used with lights, eliminating the common issue of people forgetting to turn off the lights and wasting electricity needlessly.

Residential Spaces

Home HVAC zone control possibilities are limited only by the imagination and personal needs of the homeowner. The simplest home versions use only two zones, a good option for the budget-conscious homeowner. But if comfort and energy conservation are important to you, you can tweak the temperature demands of every room depending on its age, layout, and ductwork.

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