What Is Quality Management?

Many factors can make or break a company, but one of the most important is quality. Whether making products or performing a service, excellence in execution is key for long-term success. After all, who would continue to buy from a company whose products and services are sub-par compared to other companies? Because of this, businesses should prioritize quality management to succeed.


Defining quality management


Quality management is the act of overseeing anything that is involved in the production of a product or execution of a service that contributes to an excellent end result. This involves both the components that go into making a product, the staff that oversees production, any formal tasks needed along the way, and customer service. Depending on the company, the specifics involved with day to day quality management will be different, but the overseeing of excellence from start to finish is absolutely essential to ensuring that the best quality possible goods and services are maintained.


What it means for your facility


If you are a facility manager, then you no doubt have a great understanding of quality management. The factors that might be involved in quality management for you might be the equipment that you use at your facility, the training and management of the staff that runs that equipment, and anything that might contribute to the health and morale of employees, such as ensuring that the air conditioning and plumbing systems are working properly. These are all things that are sometimes difficult to deal with, but it would be unacceptable to let quality dip.


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