What is “SafetyX” at MaintenX?

MaintenX emphasizes safety above all of our other corporate values, and for good reason. The work we do is often dangerous even for trained professionals, so we believe that safety should always take first priority.

This is part of the reason why we employ a self-performing facility maintenance crew. We want our technicians to put their own safety first, without a middleman breathing down their neck for the sake of increased productivity. For when a job is well done and done safely, our customers and employees can both reap the benefits. We also want our technicians to be able to have full careers in their specialties, which isn’t possible if they experience worksite and repetitive injuries due to lax safety measures.

That is why we’ve employed SafetyX, a program dedicated to safety training and the instilling of workplace cultural values that prioritize worker safety above all else. The SafetyX program includes the following elements that help us maintain a positive work environment and a high level of performance for our clients:

Equipment Safety – MaintenX technicians are always ideally equipped to maximize their safety and protect the customer.

Training Safety – Consistent training and safety exams are required, and safety bonuses awarded by the company to all eligible field technician employees.

Standards of Safety – All contractors are held to the same level of safety standards and scrutiny.

Culture of Safety – We encourage our technicians to take their time on service calls and use all safety measures and tools at their disposal. By prioritizing safety over speed, we cultivate a culture of excellence where a job well done is possible every time.

SafetyX isn’t just important for our staff; it’s important to yours as well. When maintenance service is performed with the highest safety standards, there are fewer risks and liabilities for your facility and staff that come into contact with the job site. We also ensure that service requests are addressed at the root the first time so you don’t have to worry about repeat requests every year,

If you’d like to learn more about the MaintenX SafetyX program or our standards of service, contact us today!

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