Why OEM Parts Are Preferable To After-Market Replacements

Original equipment manufacturers (OEM) parts are ideal for most facility repairs. If you are following a preventative maintenance plan with MaintenX, your technicians will be interested in creating a detailed list of each manufacturer for your various facility systems parts. This includes HVAC, roofing, electrical, plumbing, and other facility equipment that you regularly service. By having the original manufacturer’s replacement parts on hand you are making your technician’s job easier and your repair more successful long-term. 


There are several reasons why OEM parts are preferable to generic or after-market parts for repair: 


OEM parts generally have a higher ROI than aftermarket parts. 

An original manufacturer’s replacement parts are typically higher in value, and will therefore have a higher ROI than aftermarket general parts. This is because they are less likely to need future repair or replacement and will cause fewer issues with other installed parts in the equipment. Some aftermarket parts are not fully compatible with specific manufacturers and can cause underlying issues if not installed correctly. 


OEM parts are more reliable. 

Aftermarket parts are often chosen because they are cheap and readily available. However, they are made more cheaply and are therefore less reliable for long-term use. By using generic parts as a long-term solution, you’re putting your facility at risk for future equipment failures. 


OEM parts are often warrantied. 

Generic parts are typically made more cheaply which can cause issues with the entire system. This can void your equipment warranty if the generic part causes other issues within the machinery. By purchasing OEM parts you’ll likely receive a warranty for the piece itself and will preserve your warranty with the original manufacturer. 


In order to use the preferred OEM parts, you’ll need to have them on hand for facility repairs. By keeping parts on hand for your HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and roofing repairs, you can improve the quality of your preventative and reactive maintenance repairs. 


Talk to MaintenX about keeping OEM parts onsite for general repairs. Your technicians will help you to determine what should be onsite, and what pieces of equipment are easy to replace in emergencies. 


To learn more about our emergency and preventative repair services, contact your local MaintenX today!


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