2019 Trends in Green Policies

Technology is always changing our lives in at what seems like an ever-increasing pace. Looking back just a few years can show the great leaps that have been made in the fields of communication, social media, online retail, medical devices, and industrial manufacturing. Green tech in particular has seen a lot of mind-blowing developments in 2019; here are just a few of them.

Outsourcing Landscape Changes

While companies around the world continue to outsource their facility management needs, the reasons for that are swiftly changing. Instead of just thinking of their bottom line, companies are now privy to the fact that if they outsource their FM functions, their in-house staff can focus on the bigger picture. By using tools like facility management software, vital system and asset information can be relayed to a central hub, analyzed by the software system, then relayed directly to management staff using graphs and tables. With the right tools at her disposal, a savvy FM can identify problems before they occur, schedule needed preemptive maintenance, and save the company money.

Artificial Intelligence

Completely automated processes, instantly available information on any and all facility systems, a facility that schedules maintenance automatically, sends you alerts on your phone when there’s an issue, and even cleans itself—sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? But it isn’t! All of these technologies and more are now at your (and your budget’s) potential disposal. The Internet of Things (IoT) paired with AI technology will bring us many surprising and useful innovations in 2019 and beyond.