What Sets Your Commercial Maintenance Contractor Apart From The Rest?

Maintenance is the backbone of businesses in every industry. From healthcare to retail and everything in between, the people who keep your facility running are the people who keep your business ahead of the game. And while choosing your maintenance contractor may not seem like the most crucial decision in regards to operations, it can make a major impact on your bottom line. 

The maintenance contractor you choose will be the one to prevent facility shutdowns, improve efficiencies, and reduce the budget for emergency and routine repairs. If they are not a reputable team, they could end up costing you more money rather than helping you save it.

However, if you choose MaintenX, rest assured your facility is in good hands. Below are just a few reasons customers see us differently from competitors and trust us for their total facilities repair and maintenance service: 

Our contractors are highly-trained.

MaintenX sets a high standard of excellence for every technician. We hire based on experience and competence in commercial applications, and provide additional training to keep our contractors up to the MaintenX standard. Both our self-performing maintenance technicians and those in the subcontractor network work hard to provide complete customer satisfaction. 

We’ve been in business for over 40 years. 

Experience is the mark of success. MaintenX has led the industry for over 40 years due to our commitment to innovation, excellence, and advancement in the facilities management field. We constantly adapt and challenge our teams to meet customer demands, and our experience speaks for itself. 

Our work-order management system. 

Some maintenance contractors still manage work-order requests over the phone or in a manual work-order management system. At MaintenX, use an advanced software work-order management system to ensure your service request is never lost or forgotten. This not only improves efficiency but allows us to respond to emergency requests faster. 

Curb to Roof. Coast to Coast.

MaintenX does it all. From roofing repair and HVAC maintenance to emergency response and preventative care, we are the team that will keep your business ahead of the game. To learn more about our company, story, and services, contact us today!

Five Reasons Commercial Facilities Always Choose MaintenX

MaintenX is known as one of the most reliable, customer-oriented facility maintenance companies across the country. Each of our subcontractors and MaintenX teams works hard every day to ensure that each customer is satisfied with their results. From full-service preventative care to 24/7 emergency response, we put your building maintenance in good hands. 

However, there are plenty of local maintenance contractors from which to choose in your area. Choosing your maintenance contractor is no easy decision, which is why you should consider these reasons facilities across the country choose us for total facility repair: 

40 years of experience. 

Nothing shows reliability and consistency like experience. MaintenX has been in business for over 40 years, and continues to improve our operations to meet increasing customer standards. Not only have we built a reputation for excellence, but each of our subcontractors is chosen for the MaintenX team based on individual experience and competence. 

Nation-wide subcontractor network. 

What really sets MaintenX apart is our subcontractor network. We have hundreds of experienced and motivated self-performing technicians serving 13 states and counting. We also have a subcontractor network spanning a majority of northern and midwestern America. In almost every state you can find a MaintenX contractor for your plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and roofing needs. 

Total facilities repair services. 

From preventative checks to installation and emergency repairs, we do it all. We strive to help customers in every aspect of their facility maintenance, and have specialists in all fields ready to assist. If you need roofing, HVAC/R, plumbing, electrical, or general contractor work, you can find a MaintenX technician to help. 

Our superior work-order management system. 

Many companies still keep track of work order requests by hand or in a manual computerized system. Our advanced account and work-order management software helps us electronically organize and prioritize requests, while our operator teams assist customers in real-time to provide complete customer care at its finest. 

Our commitment to you. 

At MaintenX, it isn’t just about the variety of services or the technology we provide. It’s about the people we serve and the relationships we build in the community. If you want to be a top priority to your maintenance contractor, there’s nowhere better to go than MaintenX.

Five Questions To Ask Your Facility Maintenance Contractor

MaintenX prides itself on our commitment to customer satisfaction. We work closely with each client to address current and future maintenance problems, creating solutions for greater efficiency and facility performance. If you’ve worked with us before, you know that MaintenX technicians and staff always put your needs and priorities first. 

However, if you haven’t worked with your local MaintenX team, you may have some questions regarding service, experience, and pricing. Regardless of the subcontractor you choose for your facility maintenance work, you should be asking these questions before the job begins:

What are my immediate concerns? Every facility has underlying maintenance issues that only the trained eye can see. Your maintenance contractor should be able to spot immediate issues and help you solve them before they turn into disasters. This will be the foundation of your preventative maintenance plan with MaintenX. 

How much can I save with preventative maintenance? Preventative maintenance is designed to help you save money long-term on emergency repairs and reactive maintenance services. However, the percentage of your maintenance budget that these preventative measures can cut varies from business to business. Talk to your maintenance contractor to set realistic cost-savings goals for your preventative maintenance plan. 

What appliance and equipment upgrades should I start budgeting? Some appliances and equipment can and should be maintained until the end of its service life. However, there will also be equipment that is more costly to repair than it is to replace. Talk to your technicians before deciding to keep or upgrade your current facility equipment. 

Am I up to health and safety standards for my industry? Maintenance services aren’t just about efficiency. They’re about maintaining a clean, safe, and healthy environment for your tenants and staff. Your maintenance contractor will help you better understand the standards of clean water, air quality, and waste disposal as well as help you prepare for emergencies at your facility to keep its occupants safe. 

How can I better prepare for facility emergencies? Emergencies at commercial facilities not only cause panic, but can cost you greatly if you’re not prepared. A burst pipe in an office or major roof damage after a storm could shut your doors for weeks if you don’t have a disaster plan in place. Your MaintenX team can help you create one customized to your facility. 

MaintenX is here to help you every step of the way. We offer customized preventative maintenance service and 24/7 emergency repairs for our clients who need us day or night. To learn more about our services, contact your local MaintenX team today!

MaintenX New Customer FAQs

MaintenX is one of the largest and most-trusted maintenance subcontractor networks in the United States. We provide customers with efficient, quality service every single time with dedication to safety and turnaround time. If you are thinking about hiring MaintenX, click here to learn more about our offers and services. 

If you’re a new customer, welcome to MaintenX! We are eager to help you accelerate your preventative maintenance plan and provide the best in class service for emergency maintenance and repairs. 

Below are a few of the most commonly asked questions by new customers: 

What is your protocol for emergency maintenance?

MaintenX has a dedicated phone number and email for emergency maintenance requests. Our phones and work order request system is manned 24/7 to ensure that your emergency request is seen first and addressed immediately. To report an emergency, click here

What is the protocol for preventative maintenance?

Preventative maintenance services are a little different from emergency maintenance requests. We plan these strategically with your facility manager to maximize time and ensure proper safety during these repairs or maintenance services. Preventative maintenance includes planning and preventative care for roofing, electrical, HVAC, and plumbing systems. 

What repair services do you offer?

MaintenX specializes in roofing, plumbing, HVAC, and electrical repair and preventative maintenance. Some of these services include: 

  • Complete roof replacement
  • Vertical roofing waterproofing
  • Roof restoration 
  • Total HVAC/R repair and restoration including air conditioning, dehumidification, refrigeration, ice machine, and exhaust equipment
  • Sewer locating and maintenance
  • Hydro-jetting drain lines
  • Backflow testing
  • Lighting and power supply replacements
  • LED upgrades
  • Emergency lighting
  • Hurricane/storm preparedness and emergency response
  • And many more!

What installation services do you offer?

MaintenX doesn’t just repair the old; we can also install a variety of commercial appliances and equipment needed for facilities of all sizes. Some of our installation services include: 

  • New roof construction and metal roof fabrication
  • HVAC/R installation (ground and rooftop)
  • Water heater 
  • Toilet and faucet 
  • LED lighting
  • Emergency generator

What industries do you serve?

MaintenX serves commercial facilities across 13 states. While we are available for work requests in virtually any commercial facility, we specialize in retail, healthcare, and restaurant maintenance.

How do you manage work order requests?

MaintenX uses a software-based work-order management system to ensure accuracy, consistency, and speed in dispatch. When your work-order request is submitted online, we will delegate a local team and dispatch as quickly as possible for emergency repairs. 

MaintenX works hard to provide the best service for new and existing customers alike. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of working with MaintenX, contact us today!

MaintenX New Hire FAQs

Congratulations, new hire! We are very excited to have you as part of the MaintenX team. You are now a part of the nation’s largest subcontractor network, and one that values its employees over all else. We want to set you up for success, not only with proper training and education, but with a foundation of the MaintenX mission and our goals as service specialists. 

Below are some of the most common questions new hires have about our company, our values, and our expectations:

Who are MaintenX’s customers?

MaintenX serves multi-site, multi-state retailers and Fortune 500 companies across 13 states. We focus on retail, healthcare, and restaurant industries but you may find job sites for all types of commercial operations. All MaintenX subcontractors need experience in commercial rather than retail maintenance and installation. 

What benefits are included in my contract?

MaintenX values employee satisfaction, and provide many work benefits to that end. In addition to the flexible scheduling and freedom to perform service without strict supervision, these benefits are included in employee contracts:

  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance 
  • Life insurance and short- and long-term disability 
  • 401(k) retirement plan with company match 
  • Paid vacations, paid holidays, and sick days

Will I be expected to work overtime or odd hours?

In short, yes, most subcontractors will be expected to take on overtime or on-call shifts for emergency services. We guarantee our clients 24/7 service, and we need capable technicians who can deliver this service. However, you will be compensated fairly for overtime. 

Will I have to pay for my own transportation to and from work sites?

MaintenX provides everything you need to provide 24/7 service with excellence. We provide each of our technicians and teams with: 

  • Personal cell phone service discount 
  • Company vehicle and uniforms
  • Fuel card for company vehicle

Will I be provided with proper safety equipment? 

One of the benefits of working with MaintenX is our commitment to safety. We value your time and skill more than anything else and ensure a safe working environment for every job site. One of ur current technicians says one of the benefits of working as a MaintenX subcontractor is the freedom and prioritization of employees over profit:

“Great pay, vehicle, paid time off/sick pay, vacation, lots of different work, everyday is an adventure, freedom to work without anyone watching you or pressuring you to do anything unsafe for faster results.”

If you are not currently a part of the MaintenX team but would like to join us, visit this page to find available positions and apply!

Four Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Office Hot Water Heater 

Many small office buildings are designed with similar appliances to houses, including a small to midsize water heater. Unlike large industrial hot water heaters which are built with incredible durability, small office hot water heaters can often run into the same maintenance issues as your home heater. This can cause disaster during the workweek if proper maintenance is not scheduled. 

The best way to keep your office hot water heater in working order is to check for the signs of deterioration. If you notice any of these changes, contact your MaintenX technician immediately:

The temperature of your running water isn’t getting as hot. 

If your hot water heater is losing efficiency, it won’t be able to heat water to high temperatures. If you used to be able to get scalding hot water from your faucets and now only reach a warm temperature, it may be a sign that your hot water heater is reaching the end of its service life. 

You see sediment deposits/cloudy water in the faucets or sinks. 

This is a clear sign that your hot water heater is corroding or that there is another internal issue that needs to be addressed. Cloudy water is not safe to use, even for washing your hands. If you start to notice mineral deposits or corrosion around the drain, or see that the water from your faucets is cloudy, the hot water heater may be to blame. 

The heater is making loud banging noises. 

If your office hot water heater is making noise, there is a serious problem inside. The most common reason for this noise is that air bubbles are escaping from a layer of sediment at the bottom of the heater. When the air bubbles are released, they make a lot of noise and are a clear sign that the sediment is reaching a level of concern. 

The tank is leaking or corroded at the bottom. 

A leaking hot water heater will cause many problems, from damage to the appliance itself to mold, mildew, and corrosion of the area around it. This can lead to disaster if not addressed early on. 

If you are experiencing any of these issues with your hot water heater, it’s time to call your MaintenX team. We offer quick emergency repair service and will help you create a preventative maintenance plan so you never run into the same issues again. 

Contact us today to learn more!

Snaking vs. Water Jetting For Commercial Facilities 

Plumbing care is an essential part of maintenance management. Without clean, working pipes, a facility cannot operate effectively or keep its tenants happy. While minimal maintenance is usually needed for commercial facilities, there is one service you can’t skip, and that’s cleaning your pipes when blockages occur. 

A clogged pipe can cause several issues within the plumbing system as a whole. It can cause buildup of contaminants, put stress on the clogged area causing a break, or can cause issues with the backflow system. In order to avoid these serious issues, your pipes need to be cleaned as soon as a clog is detected. There are two ways in which professional plumbers unclog pipes. They either use the snaking method, or use water jetting for serious blockages.

What is Snaking?

You may be familiar with the term “snaking” as it is commonly used for household drain cleaning. If you’ve ever had hair or food particles clog a drain in your house, you may know about the long metal tube that goes down the drain and either breaks up or captures whatever is causing the clog and removes it. This method can be used for commercial plumbing as well, if the blockage is relatively small and close to the surface

Snaking is often used for small clogs in places like bathroom drains. For bigger jobs, however, water jetting is more fast and effective. 

What is Water Jetting? 

Water jetting or “hydro-jetting” is a system that uses pressurized water to blast a plumbing blockage and force it down the pipes. Hydro jetting requires special equipment that only a professional plumber has, which means this is not an effective DIY method for the office. However, water jetting can break up large or difficult blockages such as tree trunks and natural debris, and is much faster than snaking. 

The only downside to this method is that it cannot be used if the piping is in poor condition or if there are breaks present. The plumber will often run a scope down the piping to ensure no breaks in the pipes are present, as hydro-jetting could cause them to burst entirely. 

If you’re unsure of which cleaning method is best for your plumbing issue, contact our local MaintenX team today. We offer both snaking and water jetting services to most areas, and can help you determine which is right for your facility. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced, and will be there every step of the way to ensure superior service. 

For more information contact us at 855-751-0075. 

Five Signs Your Sewage Or Wastewater Lines Need Maintenance ASAP 

We get it, no one wants to talk about sewage or wastewater. It’s unpleasant to think about, but ignoring your wastewater and sewage management won’t make the problems go away. Plumbing maintenance and repairs are integral to maintaining a facility that’s a great place to work or stay. If you take the proper preventative measures, you should never have to deal with the unpleasant side of plumbing. 

Sewage and wastewater issues are not uncommon for commercial facilities. Your building likely uses it’s plumbing system to the max, making sewer line breaks and backflow issues more common. However, if you notice any of these signs, you could be facing a major issue with your plumbing:

There’s a funny smell in the air. 

Oftentimes sewer line or wastewater issues are easily identified by their smell. The odors can come out of drains or be present on the outside of the building, and sometimes it is more difficult to identify. Wastewater and some minor sewer line breaks have a light musty or mildew-like scent. Even if the odor is not strong, you should contact your plumbing professional as soon as you notice it to prevent further damage. 

Your pipes are slow to drain.

Slow drains are some of the most common problems in small commercial facilities. They typically indicate a blockage, and while common they are very serious. If a blockage is not removed, it can cause the pipes to burst and several other issues to arise. Contact your plumber to discuss hydro-jetting services

Changes to your landscaping. 

Have you noticed that the landscaping around your facility is looking greener lately? Perhaps the grass is fuller, or there are patches where plant life seems to be thriving. While this may seem like a sign of good landscaper work, it could also indicate a break in the sewer lines if no new fertilizers or care has been implemented. Sewage leaks do wonders for soil and plant growth, but it can cause serious issues inside your building. Talk to a professional if you believe there may be a problem with your sewer lines. 

There’s unexplained mold growth. 

Typically mold growth is caused by a leak in the interior plumbing. This merits a call to your plumber on its own, but the problem could be more serious than you think. Major issues in sewage or wastewater lines can increase the humidity around the building, encouraging mold growth where there is no leak. Call your plumber immediately if you notice this. 

You suddenly have a pest problem. 

Sewer and wastewater leakage attracts pests very quickly. You may not notice them inside the facility (if yours is well-treated for pests) but you may find an increase in rodents or bugs around the site where the line has burst. This is a sign that your sewage or wastewater problem is serious and needs to be treated immediately. 

No one wants to deal with plumbing issues. That’s why businesses across 13 states trust MaintenX for preventative care services, as well as fast and reliable emergency maintenance. We are with you every step of the way to make sure that your sewer or wastewater issue is fixed and prevented in the future. Contact us today for more information!

Three Key Benefits Of Commercial Plumbing Cleaning & Maintenance

The plumbing system is the backbone of your commercial facility. It goes under the radar, but its reliable function is essential for any business’ functional operation. From the small office space to the major manufacturing site, proper water and plumbing management can make an incredible difference in the overall health of your facility. 

Most of us take our plumbing for granted. It is rarely given the right care until a major issue surfaces, such as a leak or blockage. However, if you take care of your plumbing with preventative care, you can avoid these costly maintenance issues: 

Decreased odor and risk of water contamination

Blockages in plumbing can cause several issues, the least of which is increased odor in your facility. As waste is trapped inside your plumbing, the odors will start to emanate out of drains inside the building. These odors are typically caused by sewage that is backing up into the pipes, which will also cause water and wastewater contamination.

Reduction in emergency maintenance costs

The goal of preventative maintenance is to reduce expensive emergency maintenance costs. Plumbing cleaning and preventative care will help you avoid these common (and costly) issues:

  • A burst pipe or main line 
  • Increased water bill due to plumbing inefficiency
  • Water contamination 
  • Corrosion in plumbing lines

Longer-lasting plumbing

Like most things, plumbing lasts longer with routine care. By setting up a preventative maintenance schedule, your MaintenX team can predict when certain plumbing issues are likely to arise and help you avoid them altogether. This leads to fewer replacement of materials and lower-cost repairs in the long run. 

MaintenX specializes in plumbing repair and maintenance across 13 states. We provide businesses with the largest contractor network in the nation, available 24/7 for emergency or routine service. If you are experiencing plumbing problems, contact us today for an estimate!

This Is What Happens When You Don’t Fix A Leak In Your Roofing 

A leaking roof is usually cause for emergency maintenance service. If the leak has become bad enough to show through the ceiling, the problem has reached a dangerous level and needs to be remedied immediately. However, some facility managers will put off the repair due to its cost. 

Yes, roofing repairs can be expensive, but they are necessary. If you don’t tend to the issue, it could cause even more costly repairs, or worse, a collapse of the roofing inside the building. This should be avoided at all costs. In addition to the high costs, ignoring a roofing leak could lead to these serious maintenance issues:

You could experience mold growth. 

Mold doesn’t need much to grow. Simply give it water, heat, and a food source and it will spread slowly throughout your building. Food sources in commercial buildings include drywall, wood, and other building materials. Summer is the worst time for a roofing leak to occur because of the additional heat on the roofing. If you don’t take care of the leak quickly, the moisture, heat, and access to food will cause a severe health hazard inside your facility. 

Your building’s structure could be compromised. 

A leak in your roofing could allow water to damage the frame. At first, this will simply cause sagging in the roofline. However, the sagging will encourage water pooling, which will only exacerbate the problem. Eventually, the compromised frame will collapse, and you’ll be left with a very high repair bill. Prevent this from happening by calling your roofing specialist at MaintenX as soon as you notice a leak. 

Your insulation could be damaged.

Roof leaks not only cause damage to the building’s frame, but can dampen and damage your insulation. Most commercial facilities have fiberglass insulation. This type of insulation will become denser and come apart when it becomes wet. This will reduce the effectiveness of your insulation and will add weight that can also cause a ceiling collapse. 

As you can see, roofing leaks are serious business. They should be addressed as soon as they are identified to preserve the structural integrity of your building, as well as maintain a reasonable budget. You don’t want to have to pay for mold removal, insulation, or a ceiling collapse in addition to roof repair. 

MaintenX offers roofing repair, waterproofing, and installation services for facilities in the state of Florida. Contact us today to learn more about the roofing services in your area!