Repairing And Replacing Shingles After A Storm

In Tampa, Florida, where MaintenX is headquartered, we experience a yearly hurricane season that almost always results in one major storm or two. In the past decade, Florida has experienced two major hurricanes, one of which devastated the central Panhandle. Because of these high-risk storms, we are always prepared for emergency maintenance of roofing, plumbing, HVAC, and electrical service. These services help our communities regain power, climate control, running water, and safe roofing after a storm has caused massive damages. 

MaintenX serves in 12 other states, each with their own unique natural disasters and seasonal storms that require maintenance attention for commercial properties. One of the services that brings in the biggest workload is roofing repair after a storm. When strong winds knock shingles off the roof, they need immediate replacement to avoid cracks and leaks in the structural elements of the roof. We do our best to attend to these roofing issues right away. 

Roofing repair can cost business several hundred to several thousands of dollars, depending on the extent of the damage and materials required. At MaintenX, we strive to keep labor costs down by providing quality and efficient service. Our trained technicians can typically repair roofing much faster than other local services, and they offer honest quotes before any work begins. However, we don’t skimp on quality for price. We balance our clients budgetary concerns with our personal standard of excellence to deliver the best service for a fair price. 

When you call MaintenX for your roofing repair services, we will send a licensed contractor within our network to visit the property and provide a roofing inspection. The inspection will give you and our team an idea of the full scope of work, including ancillary repairs that may be required before the shingles can be replaced. We try to be thorough to avoid future service calls that cost you extra. Next, we will provide an honest estimate to help you budget for your roofing service. 

Once you’ve scheduled your service with MaintenX, we will get to work to ensure a quick turnaround time. We know how important it is for you to reduce downtime at your business. Therefore, we won’t stall while we’re on the job. MaintenX is the team you can trust for fast and reliable roofing repair.

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Affordable Energy-Efficient and Solar Roofing Options for your Facility

New roofing and roofing renovations are a costly part of facility maintenance. Roofing materials aren’t cheap, and neither is installation. However, there are several options that reduce your budget and your environmental footprint. 

Options such as solar paneling and recycled roofing offer long- and short-term cost savings. They also help protect your community from the ever-growing problem of unsustainable building and manufacturing practice. Below are just a few examples of ways you can save money and protect the planet with your roofing: 

Solar shingles. Solar shingles are the newest advancement in solar technology for commercial and residential properties. These shingles work just like traditional solar panels, but provide the look of conventional roofing. This not only enhances curb appeal, but smaller solar shingles are easier and more affordable to replace if they are damaged. While solar shingles are one of the more expensive options on the list, they are worth considering if you want to lower the cost of your power bill with solar energy

Cool roofs. In warmer climates, it’s important to keep power costs down in the summertime. One of the ways you can do that is by investing in a reflective or “cool” roof. The reflective roofing will keep sunlight from emitting excess heat onto your building, therefore reducing your energy needs during the summer. We recommend this type of roofing to our clients in southern states to keep their power use down and their A/C units from over-running during the summer. 

Recycled roofing. Roofing from recycled asphalt, rubber, wood, and other materials is not only cost-effective but also eco-friendly. Manufacturing of roofing materials, especially petroleum-based asphalt, puts many harmful pollutants into the air and takes away from precious resources in the ground. By recycling these materials, your facility can reduce its overall environmental impact and save money at the same time. 

At MaintenX, we believe that environmental sustainability is critical to maintaining the health of our clients and communities. To learn more about eco-friendly roofing, plumbing, HVAC, and electrical solutions, contact us today.

When is it Time to Rewire your Office Building?

Electrical work is a dangerous game, and one facility managers often don’t want to worry about. Electrical issues can cause real safety hazards, which is why it’s always best to let MaintenX perform preventative care rather than wait for the emergency to occur. However, when do you know it’s time to call the expert and rewire part of your facility? 

At MaintenX, we believe that proper education is the key to maintenance success. We strive to give our clients comprehensive and honest information about their service options so they can make the best decision for their needs and budgets. We’ve compiled a short list of warning signs that you should consider scheduling preventative electrical work soon: 

Outlets are discolored. 

This is the lowest priority warning sign, as this is only an indicator of electrical system age rather than function. It is true that electrical systems become less reliable with age, but if you’ve experienced no other issues, this is only a sign that you should be considering saving some for when you need a rewriting service in the next few years. 

Your circuit breaker is tripping more often.

If your circuit breaker is tripping often, this is a clear cut sign that something is wrong with the system. The reasons are endless, which is why we recommend you call your MaintenX electrician. They can help you diagnose the problem early and avoid costly emergency repairs. 

You hear a buzzing sound from wires or outlets. 

This is a bad sign and requires immediate attention from your MaintenX electrician. A buzzing outlet could mean a reversed polarity due to poor installation, a loose connection, or something wrong in the breaker. Left untreated, this can put your employees or tenants at serious risk. Call MaintenX right away if you hear this noise or notice that an outlet is warm to the touch, another symptom of these common issues. 

You’ve experienced an electrical fire. 

If your facility has an electrical fire, it means you’ll be calling MaintenX for an emergency service. This is what we try to avoid with preventative maintenance work, but if you do have an electrical fire call us as soon as possible to fix the issue and run a diagnostic on the rest of your system. We can prevent further complications by providing a comprehensive preventative care service on your facility. 

Electrical maintenance doesn’t have to be a hassle. Contact us today to learn more about our preventative and emergency services.

How to Keep Pipes from Freezing

It’s been a harsh winter for many this year. In Tampa, Florida, where MaintenX is headquartered, we’ve experienced several weather fluctuations, where the temperature has dropped and risen as much as 20 degrees or more over the course of a week or two. This is not only frustrating for residents, but for commercial facility managers trying to plan and prepare for seasonal maintenance. 

One of the many maintenance dangers associated with winter is the freezing of pipes. When pipes freeze, they are at a higher risk for bursting. The water freezes and expands, putting pressure on the piping. New pipes can hold up to the stress, but older pipes will crack and be rendered useless by the morning. This can cause major issues at your facility, and may cause unexpected downtime. 

Luckily, there are several steps you can take to temper the problem of freezing pipes:

Foam insulation. Insulation is the best prevention to freezing pipes. In many northern states, pipes are installed with some layer of insulation to prevent freezing and cracking. However, if your facility piping is older it may not have enough insulation to deter the lower temperatures. Contact your MaintenX plumber to provide an inspection on your pipes during winter. 

Heat tape. Heat tape is an affordable and simple way to keep your pipes from freezing. Your MaintenX plumber can easily install this safety precaution with either a continual wattage or a self-regulating solution. Heat tape provides external warmth to keep pipes from freezing, and is much more cost effective than the at-home solution of running water through the pipes overnight. 

Seal leaks. Leaks, as well as openings where piping is exposed to the air, are the most culpable areas for pipe freezing. They are the areas that are most likely to freeze, and most likely to cause a pipe break. Be sure to check your facility regularly for leaks, and when you identify one call your MaintenX team immediately. 

MaintenX is the country’s leading provider of complete facility maintenance. We serve 13 states with emergency maintenance and preventative care services, helping them stay in tip-top shape every day. If you’re experiencing pipe problems during winter, call your MaintenX team today.

Controlling Heating Costs in Winter

In many of the states where MaintenX serves, the winter season is in full swing. Heavy snowfall, chilling winds, and high heating costs are battering businesses all at once. If this is you, then one of your top priorities is likely reducing heating costs while maintaining tenant comfort. 

Managing heat and energy costs doesn’t have to be complicated. With a few minor maintenance adjustments you can easily reduce your energy bill. Here is what the MaintenX team recommends for controlling heating costs in winter:

Inspect your insulation.

Commercial facilities are required to meet certain standards in insulation when they are built and inspected. However, the regulatory minimal amount for insulation may not be enough. Improving insulation will make an immediate impact on your energy costs as well as your tenants’ comfort. Heat won’t as easily escape the building, meaning that your heater will have to work less. 

Upgrade your heater.

In many facilities, the HVAC unit is the last thing to receive an upgrade. It usually takes a complete breakdown before facility managers look into replacing it for a better unit. However, replacing your HVAC unit before it quits on you can save you. It also allows you to make the best decision for your facility, rather than rushing to find an affordable unit. A heat pump may be a viable option for your facility, as well as other energy-efficient heaters. 

Invest in an energy recovery ventilator.

Energy recovery ventilators redirect exhaust air and pretreat air from outside to reduce the energy required by your heater. These pieces of equipment will help your HVAC unit run more efficiently in both summer and winter. They also can result in energy savings payback within three to five years. 

These three changes to your facility can result in drastic long-term energy savings. Talk to your MaintenX team today to learn about other maintenance services that reduce energy costs. We serve over 13 states with comprehensive preventative and emergency maintenance care. 

When and Why You Need To Schedule Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is the core of what we do at MaintenX. While many clients come to us during an emergency, once they see what we can achieve with proper preventative maintenance, they quickly sign up. We believe that the best form of maintenance is that which can be planned and scheduled. However, if you’ve never had a comprehensive preventative maintenance service at your facility, you may not have all the information you need to make an informed decision. 

Why Preventative Maintenance Saves Your Facility

Preventative maintenance is your first line of defense against unplanned downtime and expensive maintenance repairs. In addition:

  • Preventative maintenance reduces safety risks such as electrical fires and major leaks
  • Preventative maintenance reduces the potential for expensive emergency maintenance
  • Preventative maintenance improves property value over time
  • Preventative maintenance extends service life of facility equipment
  • Without preventative maintenance, your service technicians will be unable to effectively and quickly diagnose maintenance issues
  • Without preventative maintenance, you risk substantial downtime when an emergency maintenance issue occurs

The benefits of having a trusted maintenance service by your side are immeasurable. MaintenX helps you to keep your facility in working order and reduce annual maintenance costs. We are committed to your success because when your facility is in tip-top shape, we’re doing our job. 

When To Schedule Preventative Maintenance Service

Preventative maintenance is not a turnkey service. It is an ever-evolving process that requires careful consideration paid by your maintenance staff. As improvements are made, the plans may change, but the overall goal of preventative maintenance remains the same. Our team strives to reduce emergency maintenance and improve the performance of all facility equipment. 

We provide dynamic preventative maintenance solutions that meet your needs and budget. Some of the regular services we may schedule include:

  • Tuneup of HVAC unit including replacing the air filters, cleaning the coils and condenser, and fixing clogged drain lines.
  • Inspecting HVAC ducts for mold and mildew
  • Testing humidity and thermostat readings for accuracy
  • Inspect shingles, flashing joints, and drains on roofing
  • Replace broken or missing shingles
  • Check for interior signs of roof leaks or damage
  • Check for leaky faucets and piping
  • Inspect hot water heater and piping
  • Inspecting electrical wires, breaker panels, and circuits for potential damage
  • Consultation with the facility manager to discuss potential issues or areas of concern

If you’re interested in learning more about MaintenX’s preventative maintenance services, contact us today! We serve over 13 states with affordable, honest maintenance service you can count on.

Eco-Conscious Roofing Options for New Construction

You want a roof that is water- and fire-resistant, as well as affordable. However, added benefits such as energy-efficiency and reduced environmental impact can make a difference in the owner and tenant’s long-term satisfaction with their facility. 

Solar panels. Solar panels, or solar shingles, are some of the most popular eco-friendly roofing options available. Their primary benefit is the ability to reduce long-term energy consumption, resulting in cost-savings for the owner. While these incur a much higher upfront cost, they can drastically reduce the long-term operating cost of a facility. Many states offer rebates and incentive programs for such roofing on commercial facilities. However, the benefits of these roofs should be weighed with the high upfront cost, relative fragility, and low recycling potential.

Recycled shingles. If you’re looking for a budget- and eco-friendly roofing option, recycled shingles fit the bill. Because asphalt shingles are petroleum-based, they are not an environmentally sustainable option. However, recycled rubber and metal shingles are commonly made from recycled materials and reduce the environmental impacts that roofing has on the community. 

Concrete roofing. Concrete is made from sand, cement, and water, making its environmental impact relatively low. These shingles are also very affordable and durable in most climates. Low-quality concrete is unsustainable in harsh weather conditions. So, if you live in an area that is prone to severe storms, you must invest in high-quality concrete roofing to make it worth the investment. 

“Green” rooftops. This option is a relatively new and modern roofing trend, but an interesting one to consider for the right business. Green rooftops are roofs that provide space for some sort of garden or live vegetation on top. Oftentimes the roof is constructed to serve as a large, shallow raised bed, and plants are cultivated which can be used by the business or community. This roofing option offers several benefits to the facility owner. The vegetation absorbs heat which reduces energy costs during the summer. It also helps to absorb rainfall, which cools the facility and prevents leaks or major roof damage during a storm. While this roofing option is not the right fit for every facility, if carefully implemented it can bring many benefits to your business.

Cosmetic Upgrades to Increase your Property Value

Maintaining a commercial property is a huge undertaking. At some point, you may wish to sell your property, and hopefully make a bit of profit. However, unless you bought the property in a growing area, your best bet is to make improvements on the property throughout ownership. You can do so with several cosmetic renovations that don’t require much upfront capital. Oftentimes cosmetic renovations will make the biggest impression on potential buyers, and earn you more at closing. 

AT MaintenX, we work with commercial facilities to keep their operations in top shape. Our work not only helps them while they’re operating in a current facility, but also when it’s time to sell. If you’re close to or at this point, here’s what we recommend to make the best impression on buyers: 

Roofing. Poorly maintained roofing can be a big turn-off to potential buyers. While this innocuous detail may seem like a low priority, old roofing makes a facility look run down and is a red flag for high maintenance costs. When a potential buyer inspects your facility, they will be looking for areas of high risk for maintenance to try and knock the price down. Don’t give them any reason to lower your property value. Call MaintenX to schedule preventative roof maintenance before your buyers arrive. 

Landscaping. Don’t underestimate the power of curb appeal. Commercial properties used as storefronts need an attractive appearance to make a positive first impression on shoppers. Without proper landscaping and maintenance of your exterior, you can make your property more attractive to end consumers, and therefore more attractive to property buyers. 

Rooftop HVAC units. A new HVAC unit may seem like a luxury expense, but they can make all the difference when it comes to selling your commercial property. Ground units tend to accrue higher maintenance costs, and lower the curb appeal of the property. Rooftop units, however, are out of sight. Because of their elevation, they are also often protected from dirt and debris that causes maintenance issues with ground units. To learn more about rooftop HVAC unit installation, click here

Smart lighting. When your potential buyers take a tour of the facility, one thing that could impress them is your lighting. If the interior is bright and inviting, you will have a much easier time selling than if your facility is poorly lit. Smart lighting systems help you to not only brighten up your interior, but can help the potential buyer save on energy use (a big selling point). Talk to your local MaintenX team about ways to install a smart lighting system in your facility.

Roofing Options For Facility Renovation

Roof renovations are serious and often expensive endeavors. These types of undertaking require many months of planning and budgeting, but hopefully result in stronger, more appealing structures than before. When preparing for your roofing renovation, you have several material options to consider which will shape a majority of the rest of the planning. 

In most cases, facility managers simply replace old roofing with newer roofing in the same material. This quick and easy solution, however, is oftentimes not the most effective. It is very likely that the original roofing material was chosen only for budget-friendliness. If you are trying to upgrade your roofing to a more durable material, you should consider other possibilities. 

Before deciding on your roofing materials, have your roofer come out shortly after a rainfall to conduct an inspection. They can identify areas of weakness as well as areas of ponding to provide a better idea of how to fix problems on the fresh surface. Adding extra drainage or adding slope to areas of ponding can create a more structurally sound roof.

After the inspection, you and your roofer should develop a scope of work to identify common goals and expectations. Your plan should include the materials, estimated time of installation, and the application methods most suitable to reduce project time. You will also want to identify where current electrical and gas lines, as well as rooftop AC units are located to ensure that those are properly installed during the renovation. 

When deciding on roofing materials you have many different options including: 

  • Asphalt
  • Metal/aluminum
  • Slate
  • Concrete
  • Wood shake
  • Clay tile
  • Vinyl membranes
  • Plastic polymer

Each of these options has different benefits and drawbacks that you should discuss with your roofing contractor. At MaintenX, we offer honest and comprehensive information about facility roofing renovations to help our clients make the best decisions for their buildings. We value your budget and time as well as your service satisfaction. For more information about roofing renovations and repairs, contact MaintenX today!

Preventing Safety Issues During Electrical Maintenance Work

Electricians are often characterized as very brave people. This line of work can be dangerous and requires great focus in order to achieve best results. When you have an electrical issue at your facility, you only want the best of the best to come out to the site and provide inspection. That’s why businesses in 13 states call MaintenX for all of their electrical work. 

If you are experiencing an electrical issue, call your local MaintenX team immediately. Left untreated, a minor electrical issue could result in a major power outage or worse, an electrical fire. Your MaintenX technician will know exactly what to do and can get you back up and running in no time. However, you will need to follow several rules to prevent safety issues during your electrical maintenance work. 

Because of the inherent danger in electrical work, there are several OSHA regulations you and your contractor must follow. You can find more detailed information on the OSHA website, but the basic steps you should follow include: 

1: De-energize the circuit. 

Before working on any electrical component, the contractor must de-energize the circuit. This is always the first step and should typically be done even before the inspection begins. Don’t do this for your contractor, however. They will know which circuits will actually need work and which ones can remain running during the service. 

2: Double-check that the circuit is de-energized. 

Because this step is so important, your technician should go back and ensure that the circuit is actually de-energized. Several mishaps can cause a circuit to become re-energized. Tripping the breaker, malfunctioning circuits, and unexpected power sources can all cause a circuit to be re-energized after it has been turned off. 

3: Protect against re-energization. 

Under no circumstances should the circuit be re-energized until your technician says that it is safe. In most instances, the electrician will tag and lock the breaker box to ensure that nothing can accidentally re-energize the circuit. These procedures are outlined in several OSHA regulations and should be followed every time. 

Other safety tips for your staff:

  • Inform those around you what maintenance work is being performed. If your staff is unaware of the electrical maintenance work, they may put themselves or your electrician in a dangerous situation accidentally. Inform them before the service provider arrives onsite. 
  • Always have a trained professional perform electrical work. Some of your workers may volunteer to take a look at the issue, but don’t allow them. Electrical work should only be performed by a trained contractor, not only for safety reasons but for liability purposes. 

If you are experiencing electrical issues, contact your local MaintenX team today, or click here to report an emergency