Planning Sustainability Goals for 2022

2022 is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start planning for next year’s sustainability goals and projects. With so much emphasis put on the COVID-19 pandemic the past two years, it can be helpful for your staff to start looking again toward the long-term future and invest in meeting sustainability goals. 


Setting meaningful goals to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions can help your business recover from COVID-19 faster. By showing your customers that you’re confident in the future and are looking to improve the future rather than keep things “business as usual,” you can start preparing for a more profitable future. 


Below are just a few ways to get your mind back on sustainability goals and actually achieve them in 2022:


Dream bigger.

Climate change and environmental sustainability are hotter topics than ever, especially since pandemics like COVID-19 are more likely to happen as climate changes become increasingly more drastic. As a business, you have the opportunity to aim higher and make a real impact on your community and the world at large. Sustainability goals such as reaching net-zero energy usage or committing a certain percentage of your budget to climate action show stakeholders you’re putting your money where your mouth is. 


Get involved in local initiatives. 

Choosing sustainability projects that impact your local communities shows that you care about your clients just as much as you do your business. In Florida, where MaintenX is headquartered, we are heavily impacted by climate change that affects rising ocean sea levels and the increase in dangerous Gulf hurricanes that continue to worsen each year. That is why we spend our volunteer time helping victims of hurricane devastation and give back to communities where environmental impacts like these are felt the most. 


Match environmental goals to the business mission. 

Your business can’t tackle it all. However, you can focus on an inward approach to transforming your facility. By investing in in-house green technologies and projects that align with your core mission, you can effectively create impact rather than spreading your resources too thin across too many environmental projects. Some examples include: 


  • Environmental volunteer projects within your city
  • Investing in greener packaging or manufacturing processes
  • Investments in green technology and energy-efficient equipment
  • Purchasing carbon offsets or investments in renewable energy
  • Offering eco-friendly product options


No matter what your sustainability goals are for 2022, MaintenX is here to help. We offer a variety of energy-efficient solutions for plumbing, HVAC, roofing, and electrical installations as well as preventative maintenance service on these appliances. To learn more, contact your local MaintenX team!

How To Run a More Effective Maintenance Program With Fewer Maintenance Staff

Maintenance planning can be tedious for facility owners and managers, but it is a necessary step for ensuring peak productivity for the rest of the staff. Many times, one of the most difficult aspects of creating an effective maintenance program is determining what staff is needed, and how to reduce labor hours without hurting performance. Labor is the most expensive part of all maintenance programs and should be carefully put together in order for your facility to cut costs. 


There is a way for you to reduce labor costs and improve the efficiency of your maintenance team. Below are three suggestions to help you make the right choices for your staffing: 


Hire specialists.

Hiring an experienced plumber, HVAC technician, or electrician may seem more expensive than a regular handyman, but you save tremendously on ensuring repairs are done right the first time and advanced issues are caught early. A handyman can repair surface issues, but they may not be able to do the root cause analysis that saves your equipment from long-term damage. 


Train internally.

Training goes a long way in ensuring that a pared-down maintenance staff is as effective as a bigger one. Technicians who are highly skilled and understand the ins and outs of your facility can work more efficiently by themselves or in smaller groups and can diagnose problems before they become emergencies. By offering training on facility-specific equipment and working with your maintenance team instead of above them, you can rapidly improve the efficiency of your maintenance team. 


Put a preventative maintenance schedule in place.

One of the easiest ways to improve the efficiency of your maintenance team is to put a schedule in place for preventative care. Services such as cleaning, tune-ups and regular parts replacement can prevent unwanted emergency repairs. Less staffing is needed to maintain a running piece of equipment than is needed to fix a time-sensitive repair, so the more you invest in preventative maintenance, the less you’ll have to spend overall. 


MaintenX offers the best of both worlds with our nationwide contractor network. We provide service from top specialists in plumbing, HVAC repair, electrical work, and roofing at affordable prices. When you call MaintenX you can expect to have the job done right every time. 


Contact us today to learn more about the advantages of MaintenX staffing for your facility.

How to Make Maintenance Benchmarking More Effective

Benchmarking your maintenance strategy against other similarly sized and staffed companies is an excellent way to improve efficiency and reduce costs over time. By comparing your maintenance costs, emergency service requests, and ability to recover after major disasters against other companies, you can see where your strengths and weaknesses lie. But, how do you know if you’re measuring the right metrics? How do you know if your benchmarking is actually usable as a guide for your ground-floor maintenance team?


Oftentimes, benchmarking only focuses on the numbers. How many dollars, service requests, and man-hours were used in a given year as compared to the competition. However, these numbers don’t tell you “how.” They don’t answer the most important question, “How are our strategies succeeding or failing in achieving maintenance goals?” They only tell you whether or not you’re meeting an arbitrary mark. 


The only way to make your benchmarking effective is to study the processes and support systems needed to meet your target numbers. For example, if your goal is to reduce maintenance costs by a certain percentage by the end of the year, you can benchmark to see where other maintenance teams are cutting costs effectively that you aren’t currently implementing. Something as simple as a new waste reduction process or more efficient energy systems can help you reach your target goals immediately. 


Processes don’t just include the work, but also how the work is managed and supported through the staff. A work environment where long-term facility health is prioritized over the short-term fixes typically sees the best numbers in the end as well. By offering employee support and ample resources to your maintenance team can help them go above and beyond for your business. 


MaintenX is a leader in our industry because we prioritize long-term facility excellence for our clients. To learn more about our work order management and preventative maintenance strategies, contact us today. 

The Benefits of Installing a Smart Thermostat

Most commercial businesses are grateful for the end of the summertime. While the season brings in a lot of business, it can also bring high energy bills due to increased foot traffic and rising summer temps. If you were hit especially hard this summer by high cooling costs, consider putting your autumn savings to good use with a smart thermostat. 


This small and simple investment can help save you hundreds of dollars in annual heating and cooling costs. Below are four reasons you should choose the smart thermostat to improve your maintenance strategy:


Increase tenant comfort. 

A smart thermostat can help you adjust temperatures based on the zones of your facility. You may want to increase the temperature slightly for interior rooms areas where employees work all day. However, you can lower the temperature in entrances and exits to provide a refreshing cold when clients or tenants come inside. You can also adjust zones based on the amount of heat emitted by facility equipment. 


Control temperatures remotely. 

This is a great advantage if you run a small office or building and want to cut down on heating and cooling costs. If your facility closes for an emergency, holiday, or for renovations, you can adjust the temperature to reduce costs while you’re away. This can also be used for climate control of individual rental units.


Reduce high heating and cooling costs. 

Your smart thermostat can help you not only control but improve upon your settings over time. By tracking your energy usage through the thermostat, you can determine the ideal settings for different times of year without constantly setting and resetting. 


Improved HVAC efficiency. 

Some commercial smart thermostats can typically monitor the health of your HVAC system as well as control temperature. It can notify you if the system is becoming inefficient, if the humidity is too high, or if you are in need of routine maintenance such as cleaning or air filter replacement. These advantages can make your HVAC maintenance schedule much easier for both you and your maintenance team. 


If you’re interested in making improvements to your HVAC system, contact MaintenX today! We can help you install a smart thermostat as well as make other improvements this fall to help you prepare for next year’s summer. 

Why Maintenance Vocabulary Standards Are Necessary

The words we use are more important than we often think. While this is certainly true in academic fields, it may feel odd to say that specific vocabulary standards are important in the field of facility maintenance. In reality, it is perhaps even more important to have maintenance vocabulary standards, as they are necessary for technicians to be able to understand each other, workers to be able to communicate with managers, and for the smooth operation of all facility maintenance projects and practices.


Standard vocabulary improves communication.


It should come as no surprise that having a vocabulary standard improves the ability of maintenance technicians to communicate with management and other technicians. When a maintenance project is in need of completion, it is much easier to be able to relay the scopes of the project between parties if everyone is using the same terminology. The same is true when in the midst of a project and issues arise. If a technician needs to call the help of another or order extra parts, being able to convey the specifics of it in a standard way are massively helpful.


Standard vocabulary increases efficiency.


Additionally, using a maintenance vocabulary standard increases the efficiency of the maintenance task. Similarly to how communication is boosted, if this speech can be brought to action, tasks can be completed faster and more effectively. If technicians understand what managers are talking about and vice versa, there is a reduced risk of error due to miscommunication. Moreover, the specifics of jobs can be communicated more easily and therefore tasks can be completed exactly as they need to be. Proper vocabulary promotes good preventative maintenance practices as well, as the right checks will be done on the right equipment much more regularly.


Maintenance vocabulary standards are completely necessary for efficient maintenance projects, but if you don’t understand all of the terminology yet, that’s okay. At MaintenX we are experienced in facility maintenance and therefore have all the skills to help you understand your facility’s needs and meet all projects efficiently and with open communication. To learn more about our services, please feel free to call us any time at (855) 751-0075.


Tips for Year-Round Weather Preparedness

In Florida, inclement weather isn’t just a problem for hurricane season. Bad storms and high winds can and do occur all throughout the year and can cause major damages to commercial facilities if they are not prepared for. If you are a facility manager or owner, you should always be thinking about how to best prepare your facility for weather-related threats and ensure that your facility won’t be at risk when the storms approach.


Have a plan in place.


One of the best ways to prepare your facility for year-round weather is to develop a plan specific to your facility in the event of different kinds of weather. You know the climate where your facility is located and therefore can predict what kinds of bad weather you may encounter. When making your risk assessment, ask yourself what these kinds of weather might do to your facility and make the necessary plans to help mitigate this damage early. For example, if rain from a leaky roof is a concern for sensitive documents or equipment that shouldn’t be wet, plan to have tarps available to cover these areas if a hurricane is approaching. Being able to activate a plan quickly is much easier and more efficient than trying to scramble to come up with one in an emergency situation.


Make renovations today for tomorrow.


Another excellent year-round weather preparedness tip is to not wait until a disaster is imminent to make facility upgrades and renovations. If you know that a particular part of the facility is damaged or in need of updating, such as the roof, perform these renovations sooner rather than later. Completing necessary projects today will eliminate the stress and cost of trying to perform them when they become most relevant and dire. There is no reason to put off facility upgrades and doing so will help protect your facility in both the short and long term. 


If you are looking to complete any facility renovation project or repairs, it is a good idea to do them as soon as possible. We at MaintenX strive to complete projects in all areas of facility management and do such quickly and efficiently. To learn more about how we can help your facility be the best it can in both good and bad weather, please feel free to call us any time at (855) 751-0075.


Safety & Maintenance for Defend In Place Facilities

When a fire breaks out, most facilities have the standard practice of evacuating everyone out of the building and allow fire suppression systems to mitigate damage to the facility. Some facilities take a different approach due to the circumstances of the people in the building. These types of facilities are known as defend-in-place facilities, and tend to house people who are unable to evacuate, such as hospitals and other healthcare facilities. What is the best way to prepare your facility to defend in place if such a situation should arise?


Install defenses now in case of a fire.


If a person were forced to defend in place during a fire, you want to be sure to have places for them to be able to wait out the fire in a protective way. Obviously, sprinkler systems and fire alarms are a must, but there are other structures and pieces of equipment you can build in to help protect those who might be forced to stay behind until such systems can take effect. Defense doors, walls, and large cupboards are all fixtures that are worth installing in key areas, as many hospitals do in patient rooms or in critical care units.


Perform preventive maintenance on fire suppression systems.


Any time that a person needs to defend in place, the goal is that those people will wait it out until fire suppression systems can kick in and put out the fire or until further help can arrive. To increase their chances of success and survival, it is vital that fire alarms and sprinklers are kept in working order. This can only be assured through regular testing and by making small fixes as they are detected, a powerful practice known as preventative maintenance. Preventative maintenance should never be pushed aside, especially when there could be lives on the line.


Facility fires are dangerous and scary, but with the right preparation, they can be prevented and dealt with. At MaintenX, we specialize in facility maintenance and can help you install the equipment and fixtures that you need and set up a preventative maintenance plan to ensure that all is working as intended, both now and in the future. To learn more about how we can serve your company in this way, please call us at (855) 751-0075.


Preventative Maintenance Priorities for Healthcare

Devising and sticking to a preventative maintenance plan should be a priority for every facility manager. When undergoing this kind of maintenance, the goal is to perform smaller modifications and regular check ups over time in order to prevent major repairs and emergency situations from being necessary in the future. The practice of preventive maintenance is even more important in the healthcare field, where faulty equipment and failed systems could have major consequences for patients. As such, it should always be a priority for managers in healthcare facilities, with a few notable aspects to keep in mind.


Prioritize the right equipment.


The most important thing you can do for preventive maintenance in healthcare facilities is to focus on the right pieces of equipment. The exact pieces of equipment will depend on your exact type of healthcare facility, but you will want to prioritize parts that have a shorter life span or are in need of frequent lubrication or cleaning. Machinery that is more likely to break down should obviously be prioritized, as well as equipment that is vital to surgeries and intensive medical procedures. It is also important to perform the right kind of maintenance on all types of equipment and not cut corners or work with professionals who don’t know how to handle medical equipment.


Stick to a strict schedule.


Preventative maintenance is only effective when it is consistently practiced, which is why sticking to a strict schedule should be a priority for any healthcare facility manager. Maintenance on medical equipment needs to be performed at regular intervals, appropriate to the specific type of equipment, and should be performed effectively on those dates. Do not reschedule or procrastinate on preventative maintenance or it could cost the facility and patients who rely on the equipment.


At MaintenX, we have worked with many different companies in many different industries, including healthcare. We know how to best schedule and execute preventive maintenance plans, so you can rest assured knowing that your equipment and patients will be in good hands. To learn more about our facility maintenance services, please feel free to call us any time at (855) 751-0075.


How To Prevent Water Contamination at Your Facility

If you’ve ever filled up your water bottle or washed your hands at a sink and found the water to be cloudy, you know how unsettling and potentially dangerous water contamination can be. Water contamination is an unfortunate part of life that happens as a result of pollution and is caused by a variety of factors. While some factors may be beyond your control, such as issues with the city’s water treatment plant, there are a few things that you can do in order to prevent water contamination at your facility.


Practice proper waste disposal.


Preventing water contamination begins with following the right protocols. Many instances of water contamination are the result of facilities, especially industrial and agricultural ones, failing to properly dispose of waste materials. When improperly disposed of, waste is more likely to end up in the water supply and contaminate it. Any industrial waste should be taken care of safely and according to industry guidelines. For regular employees, materials such as cooking fat, cleaning chemicals, medicine, and heavy paper products should be disposed of in the garbage and not down the drain.


Install your own water treatment equipment.


While you can’t control the water that enters your facility through city pipelines, you can control what happens to it when it does come in. Many facilities further clean the water piped in by installing filtration equipment, both at the pipeline level and on individual sinks and faucets. Even if you only install water filters in key areas, such as the water coolers that employees drink out of, it is better than having no filtration at all. Water softener systems are also a good idea, as they help mitigate water contaminants. Finally, facility equipment that is designed to reduce water usage will help the overall effort of water conservation and prevent contaminants from reaching employees and customers.


Preventing water contamination should be a goal in every facility for the sake of employee and customer safety. If you are looking to install new equipment or make modifications to those you already have, we at MaintenX are here to help. To learn how we can serve you in this way, as well as learn about our other areas of facility maintenance expertise, please call us any time at (855) 751-0075.


How to Prepare Your Restaurant for The Spring Rush

Spring is a busy time for restaurants, especially in Florida. Between warmer weather approaching, more people being out and about, and the inevitable spring break rush of visitors, there will soon be more customers than usual dining at your restaurant. Now is the time to begin making preparations for your restaurant to be able to handle this increased workload and thankfully there are a number of facility and equipment upgrades that you can make to help this year be the best one yet.


Clean and prepare both the interior and exterior.


One of the most obvious things that you should do to prepare your restaurant for the spring rush is to do a deep clean of the building. Especially in today’s world, a high emphasis is placed on cleanliness and it is more difficult to maintain amidst crowds of people. Doing as much cleaning as possible now will make it easier to maintain in the long run. In addition, if there are any new decorations or modifications you want to make to the aesthetics of either the interior and exterior of your restaurant, it is a good idea to do so now as well. This is particularly true if you have patio seating, as many will be seeking to take advantage of the nicer weather and sit outside.


Acquire new equipment and processes.


In addition to improving the appearance of your restaurant, it is a good idea to make improvements to the functionality of it as well. Before the spring rush arrives, it is a good idea to purchase and install new pieces of equipment for the kitchen to improve performance and prevent old pieces of equipment breakdowns from causing issues. If there are any process modifications you can make to help improve the efficiency of your restaurant, this will also serve you well during the busy season. This might involve training for employees, implementation of an online menu, and more.


Spring is a busy time for restaurants and now is the time to prepare yours now so that you’ll be able to have an efficient and profitable season. We at MaintenX are here to help you get your facility ready for the Spring with a variety of services to improve your building, including painting, equipment maintenance and installation, interior and exterior cleaning, and so much more. To learn more about our services and how they can benefit you today, please call us at (855) 751-0075.