Comprehensive Commercial Plumbing Services

With over 40 years of commercial plumbing expertise, our clients in the industrial, retail, medical, and restaurant industries know they can count on the MaintenX plumbing team to answer their plumbing emergencies day or night.

If you’re experiencing a plumbing emergency, please call us now at 855-751-0075.

In addition to our 24/7 emergency plumbing services, the MaintenX Plumbing Division can also assist with your next remodel or building expansion project. From developing the scope of work, to permits, to installing plumbing fixtures, our plumbing professionals are ready for your next commercial plumbing project or upgrade.

Comprehensive Commercial Plumbing Services

To date, our dedicated team has worked with hundreds of small, large, and Fortune 500 companies to handle not only their emergency plumbing needs but a variety of plumbing services including.

Drain cleaning
Slow drains are the telltale sign of dirt and debris accumulating inside your pipes to restrict water moving toward the sewer or septic system. Whether your building uses clay, cast iron, ABS, or PVC piping, we have the proper tools and experience to quickly clear your drains.

Sewer and utility location
Most cities and county governments require that all underground utilities be identified no less than two full business days before beginning any excavation or demolition project.

Hydro-Jetting drain lines
While not recommended for fragile piping systems, our 7500 psi hydro-jet cleaner can quickly clear most clogs, debris, tree roots, and grease build-up from your drain lines.

Lift Stations
Are used extensively to move wastewater and sewage from a lower to a higher elevation as it travels to the treatment facility. The MaintenX team can assist with the design, installation, and maintenance of an existing or new lift station. With proper maintenance, most effluent (or lift) pumps can last between 10-15 years.

Tankless water heaters
Looking to reduce your utility bills? MaintenX specializes in tankless water heaters (Navien 240 and Rinnai A replacements) that use the same amount of energy as a light bulb. With proper maintenance and servicing, these tankless water heaters can last 20-25 years.

Backflow Certified
There are over 7.15 million reported cases of waterborne illnesses in the US each year, and most could be prevented through proper backflow maintenance procedures. Our backflow-certified team members can install, inspect, adjust, or repair your backflow-preventer components and assemblies.

Commercial re-pipe projects
If you’re experiencing leaks, water discoloration, strange odor/taste, or a lack of water pressure, it may be time to re-pipe your building’s plumbing system. Our dedicated team will quickly identify and replace the supply and drain lines throughout your location.

Overhead irrigation systems
Water expands when frozen, potentially damaging the pipes, joints, fittings, and valves of your irrigation system. That’s why in addition to maintenance and repairs, we also provide winterization services for overhead irrigation systems.

Video camera inspections
Depending on the type of pipe, we utilize flexible push camera systems including endoscopes and borescopes to quickly locate the roots, debris, corrosion, and cracks/leaks affecting your system.

Single-flush, dual-flush, power-assisted flush, and now high-efficiency toilets (HETs), too. Whether you’re updating to add some design or interest to the bathroom or to meet current 1.6 GPF (Gallons Per Flush) guidelines, we’re ready to answer any questions you might have.

Sinks and faucets
From the bathroom to the kitchen, or for specific industrial uses, we can supply, install, and service a wide variety of materials, finishes, and sizes to meet your specific sink and faucet needs. And yes, we can help you select the best low-flow faucet to save up to 700 gallons each year.

Hose bibs
Trust MaintenX to handle your hose bib draining and weatherization services.

During the winter, water not purged from the hose bib could freeze and expand, causing pipes to crack, leak or burst.

Electronic leak detection
Because water likes to travel, the water stain you see is typically not an indication of where a leak is located. Using an ultrasonic detector to measure different sound frequencies of water, we can quickly find the cause of the leak and repair it.

ADA compliance requirements
ADA refers to the Americans with Disabilities Act which includes specific requirements (handicap access, grab bars, open sink vanities) for public restrooms within a business location. Our ADA compliance experts are ready to answer all your questions.

Preventative maintenance plans
One of the simplest ways to minimize unexpected plumbing repairs is with a preventative maintenance plan designed around your business model or industry. Regular cleaning and service will keep all your pipes, drains, and fixtures operating at maximum performance.

To learn more about our commercial plumbing services, or to discuss a new project with our team of plumbing experts, please send us an email!

How Does the Commercial Re-Piping Process Work?

Much like a residential re-pipe, all the hot and cold water lines within your business are removed and replaced with either new copper, PVC, or PEX piping.

To help you better plan and prepare, the team at MaintenX has assembled this handy reference guide to explain the why, where, and how of a typical commercial re-piping project.

Commercial Re-Piping Projects: Understanding the Why

As the water moves through your pipes, dirt, debris, or the minerals in the water will begin to accumulate inside. When left unchecked, the build-up continues until the component is serviced, replaced, or fails.

The most common indicators that it’s time for a commercial re-pipe are:

• Poor-tasting, discolored, or foul-smelling water

• Turning the water on or off causes the pipes to bang or creak

• Visible corrosion or rust on pipes, fittings, and valves

• Visible leaks at connection points

• Low water pressure

If you’re experiencing any of these issues, don’t hesitate to contact the MaintenX Plumbing Division immediately.

All existing water lines, valves, connections, and shutoffs will be replaced during re-piping. As a result, you’ll have a brand-new water supply system throughout your business location, from the water meter to the hose bibs.

Typically, the drain and sewer pipes are not included in a commercial re-pipe, as they are isolated and independent from the water supply system. Also, the existing water heater, sinks, faucets, and toilets typically remain during a commercial re-piping project. However, if you’ve considered upgrading one or all these items, our plumbing experts can help you select the best options tailored to your business needs.

Commercial Re-Piping Projects: Understanding the Where

Many assume that the contractor must remove most or all the existing drywall to allow access to the water supply pipes. But, of course, this immediately conjures up images of you and your team trying to work in an active construction zone.

Luckily, you can put away your hard hats and dust masks since a commercial re-piping project requires removing only a small amount of drywall.

Most commercial walls range from 3½” to 7″ wide. The entire wall cavity (space between the wall studs) is easily accessible for materials, tools, and workers from either side.

Most plumbing standards follow consistent guidelines, reducing the amount of drywall to demolish.

6″ to 8″ above the finish floor (AFF) for toilet shutoffs
16″ to 20″ AFF for sink faucet shutoffs
32″ to 34″ AFF for shower/bath faucet
40″ to 44″ AFF for utility connections

As a result, the drywall is removed in 6″ to 12″ wide sections (horizontal stripes) at the corresponding elevation for the fixture/device.

Commercial Re-Piping Projects: Understanding the How

The process described above is known as “selective demolition.” Removing enough drywall to facilitate the re-pipe process lowers the costs of demolition and replacement of drywall.
The first step of a selective demolition plan is to review any existing construction documents for your building to determine the position of water lines and any connection points.

Next, a small exploratory hole gets cut into the drywall for visual confirmation.

Once all the pipes and connections are verified, we remove the drywall to provide access.

After removing the old pipe or tubing lengths, the new lines (or tubing) are installed and connected.

After pressure and leak testing (and any applicable building department inspections), the drywall is replaced, finished, and painted.

Selective demolition reduces the noise, dirt, and dust to an absolute minimum, which your employees and coworkers will appreciate. But it also lowers the costs and shortens project timelines, a win for business owners and Facility Managers like you.

Once the re-pipe is complete, your commercial plumbing system should be ready for another 20+ years with regular servicing and maintenance.

Commercial Re-Pipe FAQs

1. How long does a typical commercial re-pipe take?

That depends on several factors, such as the building size and your business or industry needs. For example, an office building and a manufacturing or industrial site could be the same size and have very different-sized plumbing systems and fixtures.

2. Which is the smart choice, copper, PVC, or PEX pipes and fittings?

Each option has its pros and cons.

Copper has been used extensively in commercial and residential plumbing applications over the last 80 years. While its strength and durability are legendary, copper is typically the most expensive re-piping option.

PVC has a virtually indefinite lifespan but can only withstand temperatures up to 140°F. As a result, PVC will not rust or corrode and shouldn’t need replacing under everyday use. Unfortunately, these pipes and their required adhesives contain the highest levels of chemicals of the top three re-piping options.

PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) is made from plastic, so it’s affordable, flexible, and easy to work with. However, PEX is unsuitable for applications where it can be directly exposed to UV, which can cause the synthetic material to deteriorate.

The MaintenX Team  can help you make the best choice after considering local building codes, the plumbing system complexity, and your budget and project timeline.

3. I’m concerned about sustainability and building green; which re-piping option is the most eco-friendly?

Manufacturing PVC occurs through a chemical reaction between carbon, chlorine, and ethylene, and the manufacturing process releases other harmful chemicals and compounds. As a result, PVC is not biodegradable.

Because PEX is a cross-linked polyethylene product, recycling it into new PEX products isn’t possible. But it can be re-processed into other products, thanks to its low melting point.

Copper is the hands-down winner for sustainability and green building concerns. This every-day, naturally occurring element requires minimal processing and can be easily recycled hundreds of times.

To learn more about commercial re-piping or to get answers to your other plumbing questions, please get in touch with the MaintenX Plumbing Division experts.

Commercial Roofing Services – Installation | Maintenance | Repairs

The MaintenX Roofing Division is ready to handle all your commercial roofing needs from inspections, regular maintenance/cleaning, repairs, or an entirely new roofing system.

With over 40 years of commercial roofing experience, MaintenX is a certified installer for the following roofing systems.

TPO Roofing (Thermoplastic Polyolefin) is one of the fastest-growing roofing options on the market today. Easier to maintain/repair compared to other systems, and the 80 Mil option comes with a 25-year lifecycle.

EPDM Roofing (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) also known as the “rubber roof” feature a lifespan of 12-15 years with 45 Mil material. The 90-mil option can easily last 25 years or longer.

Cold & Torch Applied Bitumen Roofing is one of the most popular systems for low-slope or “flat” roofs. Bitumen is a rolled waterproof membrane embedded with a layer of asphalt. Bitumen can be attached to the substrate using adhesives (cold) or heating with a torch (hot).

PVC Roofing uses a single-ply system featuring a white membrane made from polyvinyl chloride and features improved chemical and fire resistance compared to other systems, making it ideal for restaurants, healthcare, and industrial locations.

Metal Roofing Systems are available in a variety of thicknesses, textures, and colors to add contrast and color to virtually any type of building. In addition, metal roofs require almost no maintenance and can easily last up to 50 years.

MaintenX team members preparing for another commercial roof installation or repair project.
Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall – The MaintenX Team is just a phone call away.

MaintenX Commercial Roofing Services 

In addition to our extensive roofing system certifications, MaintenX can also handle the installation, maintenance, cleaning, and repairs needed to keep the rain and weather out of your building or office. 

 New Commercial Roof Construction 

The MaintenX team can handle your new roof construction from the sheathing to the finish roofing system quickly and efficiently.  

Commercial Roof Replacement 

Includes stripping off the original roofing system, followed by an underlayment inspection and repairs before installing the new membrane and roofing system.

Roof Overlay 

Depending on local code requirements, the existing roof system is overlaid with the new roofing system, without needing to strip the existing system down to the original substrate. 

Roof Leaks 

The water stain that appears on your ceiling can be caused by a roof leak several feet away, since water will travel along any pipes or structural elements hidden above the ceiling. Our leak specialists will find and properly repair any leaks per the manufacturer’s guidelines. 

Vertical Waterproofing 

To minimize pooling and condensation, or to wick moisture away from walls, columns, or other structural elements, MaintenX recommends and installs vertical waterproofing solutions to keep your office dry.  

Commercial Roof Restoration 

This process involves cleaning the existing roof to remove dirt, debris, mold, and lichen growth before applying a primer and sealer. Once dry, up to two coats of liquid roofing membrane is applied which extends your commercial roof lifespan by 10-15 years. 

Preventative Maintenance for Roofing Systems 

As the name implies, these are the steps taken to keep your roofing system working properly during inclement weather. Most roofing systems require regular inspection of the flashing and caulking, as well as regular cleaning of the gutters, scuppers, and drainpipes to remove obstructions and debris. 

Hurricane/Storm Preparedness 

A pre-roof inspection checks all drains, gutters, and downspouts to be sure they are free and clear of debris. Check all rooftop equipment to sure all doors are secure. Clean up the roof of any flying debris. 

Disaster/Emergency Response 

Have a post-storm inspection set up before the storm arrives. The team will check for any storm-related damage and storm clean-up.

Custom Metal Roof Fabrication 

With its superior longevity and low maintenance needs, it’s hard to beat a metal roof system. But choosing the right one can seem daunting, with all the different styles, materials, and coatings available. Our metal roof experts can help you find the best metal roof option for your commercial project and budget. 

Aerial/Drone Photography and Inspections 

A picture is worth a thousand words, and drones make it easy to inspect large areas quickly while keeping our employees safe. We also use drones to compile before and after photos which can be helpful when dealing with a lender or insurance company.    

Energy Efficiency Analysis/Audit 

Our commercial roofing experts can check the performance of your existing roofing system. The audit report includes a list of items requiring attention such as caulking and flashing maintenance at roof penetrations, all seals and gaskets, as well as recommendations to reduce future energy usage. 

Commercial Roofing System Certifications 

Include manufacturers. 

GAF, Elevate ( Former Firestone ), Carlisle, Versico, Polyglass, Derbigum, PM, Sentinel, Duralast, Sarnafil, Uniflex. 

Commercial Roofing Associations 

MaintenX is a proud member of the National Roofing Contractors Association and the Florida Roofing and Sheet Metal Contractors Association. 

Commercial Exterior Construction Projects

Commercial Exterior Maintenance, Repair, and Remodeling Services

Exterior Commercial Construction Projects

Depending on your business and customer traffic, every commercial exterior will need repair at some point in time. Most exterior construction projects fall into one of three similar, but uniquely different categories.

Commercial Exterior Maintenance

Most exterior maintenance involves regular cleaning with a pressure washer to remove dirt and moss build-up from the building, fencing and gates, roof drains or gutters, and parking areas.

You can learn more about MaintenX commercial exterior maintenance services here.(link to maintenance service page or project gallery?)

Commercial Exterior Repairs

Can be but aren’t always caused by a lack of regular maintenance. Sometimes normal wear and tear will create the need for repairs to the exterior building systems such as paint, doors and windows, fencing, and parking lot areas. And let’s not forget that natural disasters and extreme weather are responsible for billions in commercial exterior repairs every year.

Whatever the cause, the biggest challenge for commercial exterior repairs is finding a general contractor with the expertise to perform the work while the business remains open to serving customers.

“Occupied” repair projects require special considerations for:

  • Access to the work area
  • Working with the insurance company (if applicable)
  • Material storage
  • Noise and dust mitigation
  • Employee and customer safety
  • Expedited completion schedule

You can learn more about MaintenX commercial exterior repair projects here.

Commercial Exterior Remodeling

In many cases, a commercial exterior remodel can be more cost-efficient than moving to a new location as you grow your customer base and service area.

These remodels are typically known as Tenant Improvement (TI) projects because the work is being performed to meet the tenant’s specific requirements. These exterior remodels can vary dramatically in size and scope, but typically include:

  • Selective demo
  • Framing
  • Insulation
  • Exterior finish (stucco, brick, or siding)
  • Painting
  • Doors and windows
  • Trim and hardware

When the work occurs after the tenant moves in, or where the business is in operation, it’s known as an “Occupied” TI project, and must also consider the key points listed above under Occupied Repairs.

General Contractor FAQS

In case you haven’t worked with a general contractor for a commercial exterior construction project before, here are a couple of the most frequently asked questions about commercial exterior construction projects.

  1. What is commercial construction?

In a nutshell, any building that is non-residential is classified as commercial construction. While the building techniques and products are very similar, commercial spaces must meet emergency and ADA compliance standards for the general public’s safety. As a result, many general contractors choose to specialize in either residential or commercial projects.

  1. What’s the difference between an exterior repair and an exterior remodel?

Repairs are normally deemed as essential work for the safety and comfort of the building occupants, and usually involve a third-party payer such as an insurance company.

Remodels are planned changes to a space to improve usability for the occupants and are funded through bank loans or direct payments

Contact the MaintenX Team today to save time and money or your next commercial interior construction project.

General Contractor Services

Self-Performing in the State of Florida. Curb to Roof. Coast to Coast.

From simple repairs to make your office more comfortable and functional for your customers to a complete remodel/expansion project to increase square footage, the MaintenX General Contractor and Repairs team is ready to help.

A few of our recent building and management projects include:

  • New ground-up commercial construction buildings
  • Large and small tenant improvement projects
  • Clean Room and Life Science building repairs and remodels
  • Complete Fire, Water, and Storm Damage restoration projects
  • Preventative maintenance plans tailored to your site or business

And, our self-performing business model means not only shorter project timelines, but lower construction costs for you, too.

General contractor services when you need them. No general contractor project is to large or small for our team of construction experts.

The MaintenX team is ready to deliver superior general contractor services for your next project or emergency.

In case you’re not familiar with the term yet, a self-performing contractor performs most of the work with its own employees instead of subcontractors.

For example, in the case of a building addition, instead of hiring a

  • Concrete subcontractor for the slab work
  • Framing contractor for interior and exterior walls
  • Siding subcontractor to install the cement plank siding

And dealing with potential schedule delays and higher prices, the highly skilled MaintenX team members self-perform various aspects of the subcontractor work in the state of Florida.

The self-performance general contractor model provides two distinct benefits for customers and businesses like you.

Since MaintenX is a self-performing general contractor, our project schedules aren’t impacted when a subcontractor overbooks themselves and can’t get to your project for a few days to a few weeks. Instead of being at the mercy of the subcontractor’s schedule, MaintenX can schedule our teams as the project schedule dictates. The result is shorter project timelines for your next construction project.

  1. Over the years we have built a substantial building materials vendor network to support our national clients. And our volume purchasing power means that the prices we pay are typically lower than what most subcontractors pay for the exact same materials. The result is lower building material costs for remodeling and preventative maintenance projects.
  2. A major part of maintenance and facility management is work order processing. When a staff member identifies a need or completes a maintenance task, they must be able to effectively communicate that to the rest of the facility. If they are unable to do so, your preventative maintenance strategies will not work. Services may be completed and not logged; other service requests go unfulfilled; equipment and supplies orders are not made on time; your entire maintenance program goes awry with this system.
  3. Preventing this system of disorder will go a long way toward creating an effective maintenance strategy for your essential systems. It should cover every step, from the submission of a work order request to follow-up upon the completion of each service. When you implement an organized system, the entire facility runs more smoothly. Here are a few tips to get this process right:

And who doesn’t want to save time and money on their next construction project?

General Contractor Services

MaintenX general contractor services can be broken down into five different  categories, depending on your specific building or project needs

  • Construction – includes remodeling, or restoration work for your business needs. Whether your project is adding a few offices, or some extra warehouse square footage, you can count on MaintenX to make that project a complete success while saving you time and money every step of the way.
  • Interior Building Repairs – depending on your customer traffic, every building interior will need repair at some point in time. Our interior specialists are ready to keep your business location operating at peak performance for your customers or clients by providing the following interior services.
  1. Selective demo
  2. Framing
  3. Insulation
  4. Drywall
  5. Cabinets
  6. Ceilings
  7. Painting
  8. Doors and windows
  9. Trim and hardware
  • Exterior Building Repairs – these are just as important as the building interior because they provide the curb appeal to get drive-by customers in the front door. Whether your business needs some minor exterior building services or a complete parking lot renovation, the MaintenX team is just a phone call away for all your exterior building repair needs.
  1. Pressure washing
  2. Parking lot striping and reseal
  3. Asphalt/concrete overlays and patches
  4. All ADA compliance requirements including ramps, rails, and signage
  5. Selective demo
  6. Curbing
  7. Stucco and exterior siding
  8. Painting
  9. Doors and windows
  10. Car Strikes as a temporary fix
  • Preventative and scheduled building maintenance – can keep the building systems working at peak efficiency to keep you and your customers comfortable, no matter the season or the weather. Regular maintenance chores can include
  1. Changing filters, belts, or hoses
  2. Cleaning and lubrication per mechanical equipment guidelines
  3. Systems and sensor testing
  • Disaster Preparedness and Recovery – the time to plan for future emergencies is now. Between the frequent extreme weather episodes and natural disasters, every business should put an emergency preparedness plan in place before its needed. The MaintenX Disaster team can help you create an emergency plan to provide maximum protection your business and contents, as well as help you get the doors re-opened as soon as the danger has passed. (I think this would be a great place to include a link to the hurricane Ian blog post.)
  1. Pre-storm barricades and board-ups
  2. Post-storm un-boarding service
  3. Emergency backup generators, repairs, and refueling service
  4. Water damage clean-up and repairs
  5. Fire and smoke damage
  6. Storm damage and natural disaster cleanup

Over our 40-year history, hundreds of Fortune 500 companies across the commercial, retail, restaurant, and healthcare industries have come to trust MaintenX with all their general contractor services.

In case you haven’t worked with a general contractor for your building repairs or facilities management services before, here are the four most frequently asked questions about general contractor services.

  1. What are the 3 types of contractors?

There are two ways to answer this question, by the issued license or the type of work performed.

State-issued license contractor licenses fall into one of the following categories:

General contractor (building)– allowed to erect buildings and structures

General contractor (civil) – for roadways, tunnels, and bridges

Subcontractor – allowed to perform a specialized trade such as roofing, framing, or drywall.

Many general contractors label themselves by the type of projects they work on:

Residential general contractor– this general contractor builds houses, condos, townhomes, and apartments.

Commercial general contractor– this general contractor builds commercial buildings such as hotels, retail, food service, healthcare, and educational centers.

Civil general contractor – for roadways, tunnels, and bridge projects.

  1. What skills does a general contractor have?

The required trade skills vary depending on the type of construction project. But besides the required construction experience for licensure, a good general contractor should have effective organizational skills to keep the project moving forward while handling any logistics or supply issues that might occur. And top-notch communication skills to keep everyone on the same page and on the same schedule via phone, email, and SMS.

  1. What is commercial construction?

In a nutshell, any building that is non-residential is classified as commercial construction. While the building techniques and products are very similar, commercial spaces must meet emergency and ADA compliance standards for the general public’s safety. As a result, many general contractors choose to specialize in either residential or commercial projects.

  1. What is a self-performing general contractor?

Typically, a general contractor provides the supervision and oversight necessary to keep all the subcontractors on schedule. In this scenario, most of the construction work is completed by subcontractors, around their schedules.

MaintenX is a self-performing general contractor, meaning that our team members perform most of the construction work, not an army of subcontractors with erratic schedules. Besides a shorter project timeline, the self-performing general contractor model, combined with our nationwide supplier network, reduces material costs and markups to lower your construction or remodel costs.

Contact the MaintenX Team today to save time and money on your next construction project, or facilities management needs, or to create a custom emergency response plan for your company. Call Today!

The Best Parts of Working As A Plumber

At MaintenX, our plumbers are the backbone of our preventative maintenance service. We often receive calls from clients telling us that their plumbing is old, weathered, and constantly causing troubles at their facility. Our team of plumbing experts then helps them utilize affordable and practical solutions to extend the service life of their commercial plumbing without compromising on quality. This is how we stay among the top-rated preventative maintenance programs in the country, and keep our clients satisfied year over year. 

But, it isn’t just the clients who walk away satisfied after a site visit. Below are the top five reasons our plumbers give for loving their jobs at MaintenX: 

Every day is a new challenge

Plumbers don’t just clock in and clock out like a regular 9 to 5. Every day they are met with new challenges and ways to help their customers. This allows for creativity in the workplace rather than a job description that requires the same routine every day. 

Leading an active lifestyle

Plumbers don’t sit behind a desk all day, either. They work physically long and hard hours, and because of this have an easier time staying in shape than those who work desk jobs for 8+ hours a day. If you’re someone who can’t sit still and likes working with their hands, plumbing may be the perfect trade for you. 

Minimal schooling required

Plumbers typically go to a trade school or complete an apprenticeship program, which can take up to four years before completing and earning their certifications. However, most plumbers can earn their certifications within two years or less, and typically have to spend much less for their training than a typical Bachelor’s degree earner will. With comparable salaries to college grads, plumbing is a great trade for those who want to enter the workforce early with little to no college debt. 

Competitive salaries

Plumbing is a recession-proof career that offers competitive rates even when compared to other trades and jobs which require college degrees. High starting salaries coupled with overtime hours and paid sick and holiday days, you can make a great living as a plumber anywhere in the U.S. 

Making a difference in your community

When someone calls a plumber, it is typically because they are in trouble. They are experiencing an emergency or backup in their building and are in desperate need of help. When you arrive onsite and can fix their problem quickly and affordably, you become their hero for the day. This is often cited as the greatest source of job satisfaction among MaintenX plumbers. 

If you are interested in furthering your plumbing career, visit the MaintenX Careers page to see what jobs are available in your area.

The Best Parts of Working As A Roofer

Roofing is one of the more difficult trades in the maintenance field. Not only is it one of the most physically demanding, but it is one of the most dangerous, especially when working with commercial roofing. However, MaintenX roofers often tell us they wouldn’t trade their jobs for any other because of the satisfaction they experience from this unique line of work. 

If you are interested in becoming a roofer, below are just a few of the reasons why our technicians chose this career path and continue to choose it every day: 

Active lifestyle

Roofers work hard to install and repair commercial roofing for our clients. This job requires a great deal of physical labor, which makes it easy for our technicians to stay in shape. If you’re someone who can’t sit behind a desk, the trades are a good way to stay active and fit throughout your career. 


As an independent contractor, you aren’t just a cog in the machine. You have the freedom to grow your career, work your own hours, and take charge of the work you do. And, if you do so with integrity, you can eventually own your own business and be fully in charge of your career. MaintenX is an excellent stepping stone for those who want to become self-made and learn as much about their craft as possible from experts in the field. 

Recession-proof careers

No matter what the economy looks like, people will still need roofs over their heads. Roofing repair and installation is a recession-proof career that can support your family even in times of need. This is argued as one of the most important benefits of working in the trades. 

Competitive salaries

Roofing is one of the more dangerous trade jobs and is, therefore, higher paid than many other contractor positions. Roofers also do not need to go to college or trade school, which means they can begin their careers without any sort of student debt. 

Making a difference to your customers

When the roof leaks or is damaged by a storm, it can spell disaster for an entire building. As a roofer, you have the power to turn your customer’s day around by providing a simple solution to their massive problem. This is one of the greatest joys of working with MaintenX and one of the reasons our contractors stay with us for so long. 

If you are interested in the benefits of working with MaintenX, visit our Careers page to find roofing positions in your area. 

The Best Parts of Working As An Electrician

The electrical field is one that is slowly declining in popularity as more and more high schoolers choose the college route over the technical school. While some will go into electrical engineering, there are fewer and fewer young electricians to replace those retiring in the field. In recent years, this has put pressure on many trades. MaintenX sees fewer recruits every year and competes with many other maintenance brands to find the best technicians in a much smaller workforce pool. 

While there are certainly many benefits to going into higher education, at MaintenX we want to encourage those who want an alternate career path to consider electrical work. Below are just a few reasons why our electricians love what they do, and want to continue working with MaintenX: 

Active lifestyle 

Electricians don’t work regular 9 to 5 jobs. They are always on their feet and working with their hands making an active lifestyle easy to lead in this line of work. Electricians are not only physically active but are required to problem-solve and think quickly on the job. This makes electrical work both physically and mentally engaging, and perfect for the worker who can’t sit still. 

Working in a recession-proof career

Our homes and businesses require electricity to operate. This means that no matter what the economy is like, there will be work in the electrical field in both residential and commercial sectors. 

Never-ending growth opportunities 

Electrical work is one of the more difficult technical vocations to master, which means those that are successful in the field are highly valuable. The electrical field is always changing with new technologies, so if you put in the work and stay up-to-date on industry trends, there will always be opportunities for career growth. 

Competitive salaries

Electrical work is one of the most lucrative trades to go into because the work is so highly specialized and can be dangerous without the right training. Many electricians can make comparable to someone with a four-year degree if they work hard and continue their professional development. This is not true with all trades and makes electrical work all the more appealing to some. 

Finding meaning in your work

As an electrician, you have the opportunity to turn your client’s day around every time you visit a job site. People come to us when they’re in need – when they’ve lost power or are struggling with a major appliance that doesn’t work. We can help them return to business-as-usual and ensure that their livelihoods are secure by helping on a job site. This makes electrical work something you can be proud of every single day. 

If you are interested in becoming a MaintenX electrician for these benefits and many more, visit our Careers page to find available positions near you. 

The Best Parts of Working in HVAC Repair

MaintenX wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t for our incredible HVAC technicians. They work hard to go above and beyond our client’s expectations, upholding our reputation and ensuring that every customer leaves the interaction satisfied. We are constantly impressed by the hard work our technicians put in, especially for the difficult vocation they are in. But, we hear from many of our HVAC technicians that the hard work is well worth the payoff. 

Below are five of the most-cited reasons why our HVAC technicians love working for MaintenX: 

Active lifestyle

HVAC repair, especially when you are an independent contractor, isn’t like other 9 to 5 jobs. Instead of being stuck behind a computer all day, you are constantly moving or driving from place to place. Our technicians have an easy time staying in shape and leading an active lifestyle because their job doesn’t require them to sit in place. 

Working with your hands

For those that love fixing things and working with their hands, HVAC repair is the ideal vocation. Our technicians are problem-solvers and highly skilled with their hands, meaning they are not only physically active but mentally engaged on the job. 

Camaraderie on the worksite

Not every workplace is lucky enough to have a genuine culture of camaraderie, but at MaintenX we believe it is what makes our service one of the best in the nation. Because our contractors are independent, they are able to work with teams that function the way they see fit. We hire both highly experienced technicians and recent technical school grads to ensure that the younger technicians can learn from those more experienced. And, we give our technicians full trust, so that they can relax and get their work done without external pressures that cause tension on the job site. 

Competitive salaries and benefits

One of the primary reasons people go into the HVAC repair field is the earnings. HVAC technicians make competitive salaries, especially for a vocation that requires only two years of schooling. Plus, at MaintenX we offer competitive bonus packages, paid holidays and sick days, overtime, and many other financial incentives to ensure our technicians are paid what they’re worth to us. 

Being your customer’s hero

While the salaries are great, there is nothing better than knowing you made a difference in your client’s day after an HVAC repair. We all know how miserable it is to go without heating and cooling, and as an HVAC technician, you have the ability to make someone’s business an enjoyable place to work again. 

MaintenX wants as many qualified, enthusiastic HVAC technicians on our teams as possible. If you are interested in applying for a job in your area, visit our Careers page for more information.

Prepping Your Business for the Holidays

The holiday season is just around the corner, which means one thing for most businesses – it’s time for annual sales. Retail, travel, and entertainment businesses have some of their biggest months of the year around the holidays. However, this also means it’s the season with the most heightened competition in your industry. If you want your business to come out on top, now is the time to start preparing your building and your staff. 

If you want your business to be able to handle the intense competition, heavy foot traffic, and frantic customers this year, here are 15 tips to help prepare: 

  • Spruce up your landscaping to create an inviting outdoor environment and front entrance
  • Renew signage as needed to ensure your business is visible from the street
  • Paint or pressure wash your building exterior
  • Invest in tasteful holiday decor that enhances the season without looking tacky to customers
  • Hire additional staff in September so they are fully trained before the holiday rush
  • Begin holiday marketing in September to create top-of-mind awareness by November and December
  • Plan for inventory increases ahead of time
  • Get a head start on end-of-year bookkeeping, taxes, and other tasks so you’re not overwhelmed in December after the shopping rush (and can actually enjoy some vacation days)
  • Plan preventative maintenance services in September and October to prevent breakdowns during the holidays
  • Plan sales and price changes early to roll them out seamlessly during the shopping season
  • Budget ahead for holiday bonuses paid vacation time and other expenses during the holiday season
  • Schedule downtime so you can clean and organize your storefront and maintain a professional appearance even as foot traffic increases 
  • Set clear expectations for hours and vacation allowances for employees to ensure everyone is on the same page and can plan holidays accordingly
  • Discuss 2023 business goals with your departments so you can come into the new year with a fresh start
  • Celebrate success as you enter the New Year!

MaintenX can help you get through the holiday season with preventative care, repair services, and exterior maintenance before and during the holiday rush. To learn more about our maintenance and cleaning services, contact your local MaintenX team today!