3 Examples of Successful Sustainability Programs in the U.S.

Sustainability is the commitment to being environmentally friendly everything an organization does. While any individual can strive to live sustainably, many initiatives in the America have been successful at promoting it to business.

The largest proponent of sustainability in the United States government is the Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA. The EPA was designed to regulate businesses to protect the environment. While sustainability itself cannot be legislated, the EPA can make it more desirable for many business owners. They use carrots and sticks, providing both incentives for green practices and penalties for polluters.

Another successful sustainability program in the U.S. is the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, or ACEEE. This organization provides information to companies across the nation about how to be more sustainable. Knowledge is a powerful tool when it comes to being more environmentally friendly; once a company is informed about sustainable practice, it can take steps to implement it. The ACEEE also collects statistical information about which American cities, states, and regions are the most sustainable.

On a more local scale, the Minneapolis Sustainability Initiative has seen major success. Launched in 2003, this program gathers information about sustainable companies in the community and uses that information to help other businesses implement best practices. This is an excellent example of a community coming together to make a difference, even without the federal government.

Whether on a local or national level, any business owner can achieve success in sustainability by making environmentally friendly choices that create a more vibrant future. To learn more about how MaintenX technicians can assist you in this endeavor, please contact us today!