3 Mistakes Facilities Management Mistakes that Could Cost Big Time

One of the primary goals of any facility manager is to ensure that operations in the building are running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. The most successful facility manager is one who can overcome challenges and make the necessary decisions to reach the goal of maximum efficiency. That being said, even veteran facility managers make mistakes. In your pursuit of becoming a great facility manager, it is important to be aware of some of the most common mistakes. Having this knowledge in your back pocket will help you avoid negative consequences in the future.

Failure to Maintain Inventory

Facilities management has a lot of moving parts. There are dozens of work orders, and technicians and clients to keep track of – which can get quite messy. Tracking your company’s work orders and other assets is a key part of your job. You constantly need to know what’s going on under your roof. Don’t make the mistake of dropping the ball with a client because his or her work order got lost among the chaos.

Not Having Data

Another common mistake is making a decision without gathering enough data and information. If the data that you are working with is incomplete or outdated, it leaves too much to chance, which can cause major problems in the workplace. Relying on data to discover the most efficient solutions for your clients is a must.  

Lack of Resources

For technicians and employees to do well, they must have the necessary tools and resources to do the job at hand. If your team is not equipped with the proper technology, knowledge or gear, you are harming your own business operations and potentially putting clients and employees in danger.

Being a top tier facility manager is a difficult task with a lot of responsibility. With these helpful insights, you’ll be able to avoid major mistakes in your workplace.