3 Tips for Training Your Maintenance Staff

Training your maintenance staff properly is very important in keeping your business running smoothly. Staff must know what you expect of them and how to do it. Developing a training system can be quite complex, so you need to go in with the right strategy. 

Develop clear goals

Employees work better when they know exactly what is expected of them. The point of training employees is to ensure they have all the knowledge and tools to be successful at their job. Making sure the employee understands what their day will entail gives them confidence in completing their tasks. Many employers have new employees shadow seasoned employees for a few days so that they can see what being an employee at your facility is like. This gives new hires a chance to ask questions and watch someone else do what they are soon going to be expected to do. Sometimes this even weeds out people who may not be as interested as they thought they would be in the position they are seeking. 

Understand where training is needed

Sometimes the areas of need for training aren’t obvious. Take some time to talk to employees to see what areas of their job could be improved, and which are the most important. Observing employees can also identify areas that need improvement. Another opportunity to learn where training is needed is to ask employees for their input. A questionnaire can be a simple way to receive suggestions from staff in areas where they think training can be improved.

Invest in consistent training

Employees are always trained as new hires but having training throughout the year can help renew motivation and relearn rusty skills. Mandatory training days a few times yearly ensures employees are up to date. This also gives employees a chance to ask questions or give feedback. Keeping employees informed and on task is not only an investment in their career but in your business as well.