A Facility Manager’s Guide to Air Balancing Inside Your Building

It’s typical in facility maintenance that sometimes problems are ignored. It might be a short-term solution, but these problems can add up to a lot of extra costs in the long-term. HVAC systems are often the main victims of this phenomenon. Air balancing is a good way to tackle issues like:

  • Condensation
  • Hot/cold spots
  • Humidity

Facility Managers need to find the root cause of these issues. Use the air balance tips below to gain some perspective on the issue.

What is Balanced Airflow?

In most cases, airflow going into a building should be a little stronger than the air going out. Air is being introduced into the building by an outdoor fan, providing fresh air by replacing the old and resulting in a beneficial building pressure. If the reverse is true, however, then you will see negative building pressure, which is usually the main culprit of HVAC problems in facilities.

This brings us to an important thing about air balance: airflow needs to be tested for performance.

What are Air Tests?

Air balance testing services involve checking the performance of HVAC airflow. Once tested, the HVAC systems are adjusted so the air brought into a facility is stronger than the air pulled out of the facility. This creates a comfortable environment for occupants.

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