AC Running Non-Stop? Here’s How You Can Cool Your Facility More Easily

Autumn may be approaching quickly, but for many parts of the U.S., the air conditioning is still running on full blast. At our headquarters in Tampa, Florida, we don’t expect the cool weather to come for another few months. In the meantime, we want to help our clients cool their facilities more efficiently. A more efficient AC system means a lower power bill and a more comfortable environment for your staff. 

In order for your HVAC system to perform at maximum efficiency, you must take care of it with regular preventative maintenance. A MaintenX technician should visit your facility periodically to perform routine maintenance as well as spot potential issues. There are also several small changes you can make to your facility that will drastically improve your indoor temperature and give your AC a much-needed rest: 

Reduce the number of air leaks. 

Air leaks are classified as any space in your facility where climate-controlled air can escape. This includes windows, doors, and cracks in the walls that are not well insulated. The more air that escapes from these air leaks, the harder your AC will have to run during the day. To reduce this loss, make sure that your door and windows are well sealed, and have a maintenance technician check for cracks in the walls that could be allowing cold air to escape. 

Install blinds or energy-efficient windows. 

Heat comes into your facility not just from the hot air outside, but from the sunlight coming through your windows. While natural sunlight can be energizing for office workers, it can also heat up your facility. Close the blinds on especially hot days, or replace your windows with energy-efficient ones to keep heat out while letting the sunlight in. 

Adjust your thermostat. 

Some offices are uncomfortably chilly, but they don’t have to be. If you have your thermostat set below 70 during the summer in Florida, you’re probably going to be unsatisfied – either with the temperature or with your power bill. Slowly increasing the temperature over time to allow your employees to get used to a slightly warmer office will reduce your power bill and help make some of them feel more comfortable. 

Change your air filter. 

A congested air filter will make it more difficult for your AC to pull environmental air and cool it. The restricted airflow will cause your AC to run nonstop, and will also lower the air quality of your facility. The simplest solution is to replace it once a month or schedule regular preventative maintenance to ensure the job gets done. 

Upgrade your AC unit. 

Sometimes the reason your AC is running all the time is the unit itself. A unit that is too small, or has been in use for more than 10 years, will have a harder time cooling your large facility efficiently. It may be working overtime to make up for lack of efficiency. If your AC runs nonstop no matter what you do to reduce the heat, it may be time for an upgrade. Talk to your MaintenX technician to find out what HVAC units are available for your building.  

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