Alternative Energy Sources for Businesses

Alternative energy sources, like solar, wind, and biomass, are sustainable ways of producing the power businesses need. Alternative energy sources do not consume the planets natural resources (as traditional energy sources do) and do not cause harm to the environment. More and more businesses are opting for a greener route for their facilities. This is due to heightened availability of alternative energy sources, as well as the economic benefits they offer.

Although it’s not always possible to go completely green, there are many ways to integrate alternative energy sources into your business.

Solar and Wind

Solar and wind power options have grown a great deal over the past few years, making clean energy affordable for more and more businesses across the nation. In 2015, wind made up 35% of new energy, solar 29.5% – both of them surpassing new natural gas which gained only 25% of the market. The continued research and declining costs of these two power players make investing in this type of energy a sound economic and environmental decision.


Biomass energy is a good choice for Floridians as Florida has more biomass resources than any other state. Biomass energy works by developing fuels from organic matter, such as scrap lumber, crops, manure and other waste. This is then used to create renewable energy. Biomass is a great alternative to traditional energy because it also gets rid of waste which would otherwise go into landfills, further polluting the planet.

If you’re interested in making your business greener, contact your power provider to see if they offer integration of alternative energy sources as an option.