Assessing Storm Damage and Repair Costs for a Commercial Roof

In Florida, where MaintenX is headquartered, we are all too familiar with the impact of storms on commercial roofing. The hurricane season for the Gulf of Mexico lasts from June until November every year, and we almost always have one major tropical storm or hurricane that causes lasting damage to our clients’ buildings. We encourage clients to invest in preventative maintenance to reduce the chance of major roofing damage. However, if you do have issues after a storm, we can help you assess and create a plan for repairs. 

The first thing to do is to assess the damage done to your building after a storm. Whether it’s a snowstorm or a hurricane, you’ll want to address the most critical repairs first. If your roofing has collapsed, it will be considered an emergency repair and likely take priority even over electrical and HVAC concerns. However, if you notice only a leak or missing shingles, other damages will take precedence. It is essential, however, that you identify all roofing damage — both major and minor — before planning your repair schedule and budget. 

Below is a list of damages to look for when you first visit the storm site with your contractor:

  • Cracked or missing shingles
  • Surface bubbles and cracks on flat roofing
  • Gutter buildup from composition shingles
  • Water damage from wood shakes
  • Damage to flashing and roof cement
  • Missing or damaged gutters

Once you and your contractor have identified all signs of potential roof damage, you’ll need to talk to your insurance adjuster to make claims for repairs. You will need to begin repairs quickly, but making the call before you begin is always a safer bet. It’s important to bring your contractor in on the consultation to ensure your insurance company receives an accurate estimate for total repair costs. 

MaintenX offers affordable roofing repairs and replacement shingle installation after major storms. We specialize in emergency maintenance, and understand the hardships you’re going through after major storm damage. When your MaintenX team arrives we will assess all major damage and ensure that your critical operations are up and running as soon as possible. We work fast and effectively to give you the best quality service for a great price. 

Roofing damage is stressful, but it is manageable with MaintenX. To learn more about our roofing repairs and preventative care service, contact us today!

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