Backflow Testing Tips, Requirements, And Services for Your Facility

Does your facility require backflow prevention? Backflow might be a foreign term to you as a facility owner or manager; it refers to water in your pipes flowing back into the city’s water supply, which can lead to contamination. The water should run in one direction, from the point of origin to the destination, but in certain situations, like low pressure, it doesn’t happen. Facilities and private residences need to have testing done by a county-approved evaluator. 

All facilities that require backflow assembly must get annual tests. A list of facilities in Tampa that may need to set up backflow testing and services can be found here: Tampa code of ordinances. Facility owners are responsible for repairing or replacing any backflow preventers that fail to meet performance standards; this also goes for private residences. The certified tester will test your equipment and report to the county so that your duty is completely fulfilled. Should equipment need repair, MaintenX is a one-stop shop.

MaintenX is a certified tester of backflow and backflow assembly for Hillsborough county. We can replace equipment and report to the county. If you find yourself in need of backflow testing, give MaintenX a call. We are always here to help.