Benefits of Installing An Air Scrubber In Your Building

Improving indoor air quality is on everyone’s mind since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Cleaner air leads to a reduced likelihood of spreading diseases, and not just COVID. By keeping your air clean and your ventilation system in tip-top shape, you can prevent sick building syndrome (SBS), where colds and other common illnesses spread rapidly within a building because of their presence within the air ducts. 


One of the newest ways to improve indoor air quality within a facility is by installing an air scrubber. This addition to your ventilation system can clean out dirt, dust, and other particles and help create cleaner air for your entire building. 


What does an air scrubber do?

Unlike a simple air filter, an air scrubber also releases particles in the air that can kill germs, VOCs, dust, and other indoor air contaminants within your facility. Typically, portable air scrubbers are used in office buildings to disinfect and filter the air in addition to the ventilation system. However, for offices in single-unit buildings, a whole-house air scrubber can be installed which reaches not only the air but contaminants on surfaces as well. 


Benefits of an air scrubber


  • Portability – If you have recently painted or undergone construction within your building, a portable air scrubber can help filter out contaminants in the days afterward when fumes and dust are still in the air.


  • Prevents and diminishes the effects of SBS – An air scrubber not only disinfects, but will filter the air within your building to help prevent the spread of dirt, VOCs, dust, bacteria, and viruses. If you’re experiencing sick building syndrome, they can help diminish the problem. 


  • Puts employees and customers at ease – If your building has had an outbreak of COVID-19, or even something as simple as the flu, you can put employees at ease by bringing in an air scrubber. This simple addition to your office will help employees and customers feel safer in the midst of cold and flu season. 


Air scrubbers are a simple but powerfully effective solution for improving indoor air quality. To learn more about installation and usage, contact your local MaintenX team today.

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