Maintaining Ideal Humidity Levels for Your Facility

In the summertime, keeping humidity under control is a hassle. In Florida, where MaintenX is headquartered, we struggle with 80% and 90% humidity levels throughout the months of June and July. However, in the wintertime, most of our clients are dealing with the opposite problem. They are struggling to create an ideal humidity level to keep guests and employees comfortable. 


Some of this balancing act has to do with your HVAC settings, while the rest is about proper maintenance of your system as a whole. Below are just a few tips you can follow to maintain the proper humidity levels for your facility, regardless of the season: 


Clean out air ducts and filters.

If the humidity levels in your building are too high, you may notice condensation near your vents, which will eventually lead to water damage and mildew inside the HVAC system. You don’t want this stuff circulating throughout our building, so be sure to clean your ducts and filters in the summer to prevent lower indoor air quality. 


Use humidifiers and dehumidifiers in rooms near entrances. 

If you have a small office, a humidifier or dehumidifier may be large enough to control your entire space. However, even if you operate a large building, you can use these to control the humidity in areas near entrances, where outside air is likely to come in. 


Monitor drastic changes in humidity levels. 

You can expect humidity levels to change throughout the season, but be on the lookout for drastic changes, especially increases. This could mean your HVAC system is having issues filtering or cooling air, and you may be in need of a check-up. 


Humidity can be a game-changer for controlling the comfort levels and health of your building. For more information, contact your HVAC technician at MaintenX today.

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