Benefits of Metal Roofing For Commercial Buildings

If you are considering replacing your old facility roofing, you’re in luck! While it may not seem like an advantage to have to replace roofing, this opens up doors to improve upon your current roofing system and choose a material that is more appealing and energy-efficient. At MaintenX, we often recommend metal roofing for commercial facilities. This durable and energy-efficient roofing material is a great option for many types of commercial buildings. 


Why choose a metal roof for your facility renovation? Here are just a few reason why we recommend this material to our clients: 



Metal roofing is proven to last several decades with proper care and maintenance. It is strong enough to withstand tropical storms, snowstorms, and falling debris. Plus, it is resistant to mold and mildew growth because it will not absorb water after rainfall. Overall, metal is a strong roofing material that lasts the longest among most roofing materials if you care for it properly. 


Energy efficiency

Metal roofing reflects sunlight. In the summer months, this can lower your cooling costs within your facility. In addition, solar panels can be installed on top of metal roofing in many cases. This gives you the option to add panels well after installation, and further increase your facility’s energy efficiency. 


Curb appeal

Metal roofing is often attractive to potential commercial building buyers or renters. Because it is durable and energy-efficient, it adds real value to your property if installed by a reputable contractor. Metal roofing also comes in a variety of colors, so it can add to your curb appeal and really make your building stand out. 


Minimal maintenance

Because metal roofing is so durable, it typically requires less maintenance than shingles or even concrete roofing. It still needs to be cleaned regularly and inspected for repairs, but otherwise, you’ll have to invest very little time in maintaining your metal roof. 


If you are considering replacing your commercial roof, call MaintenX! We can help you determine whether metal roofing is right for you, or if another material would better suit your needs. To learn more about our installation and maintenance services, contact your local MaintenX today. 

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